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The brands really do dominate the market in reality. They have had a hold over the consumers for a long time. This is because their marketing team works for the company’s name to only rise in the upward direction despite all consequences that they may face. This has to do with the fact that the brands are big enterprises and they are constantly focused on bringing improvisations to their products. Not just that, but they are also focused on the bringin the best innovations to their products despite all trouble.

This they do with the generous help of their R&D team. Most of the big brands have an R&D team which works in the favour of their brand. Not just that, but every brand’s R&D focuses on bringing out the real issues of their product to the company and then working on it. Since these brands constantly work upon perfecting their products for the consumer audience they maintain a great reputation in the market. Which is one of the main reasons why people end up trusting them. Some of the most famous brands which the consumers trust in terms of smartphones are: Apple, Samsung, and Google.

Branded smartphones from Carphone warehouse

Here are some of the best branded smartphones from Carphone Warehouse which you must get if you’re looking for a premium quality smartphone with all the advanced features that are newly introduced in the market.

1. Iphone deals at Carphone Warehouse

Within this category present on the website of Carphone warehouse, you can indeed find the best deals in terms of iPhone prices, contracts, and SIM only deals. All you need to do is visi their website to know more.

– Apple iPhone 13

Released recently, this Apple iPhone 13 is all you need to cater to your advanced smartphone needs. It gives a great cinematic mode that can make all the difference in your videos. The real authenticity of this camera is realised when you have it by your side. Also, it has a super-bright display which comes in a durable design. This will make your hollywood-worthy shooting easier. Along with that, it has such a vivid and vibrant OLED display, that once you see it, you’ll know that it’s just worth it. Moreover, it is also water and dust resistant. 

–  Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen)

It is available in colours namely: midnight, red, and starlight. It comes in three different capacities: 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. This one is packed with a battery power, a fast chip, and 5G speeds too. If you are spontaneous, then this smartphone is made for you, because it is crafted to keep with the way you are. This one has a super powerful chip and it’s super powerful A15 Bionic chip can load apps in just a flash. It also works with an enhanced battery and an IOS which boosts the battery life. Along with that, it has a battery which delivers up to 15 hours of video playback. Also, let’s not forget about the A15 chip which brings more speed to everything that you do.

2. Samsung

Samsung Galaxy has a wide range of features when it comes to Android smartphones. It is one of the most preferred brands in the Android category. It is much preferred because anyone who is looking for a touch of class along with high-end tech spaces, should really look no further than the smartphones which samsung galaxy is selling.

– Samsung Galaxy S22

If you truly want to capture the essence of a place, then you shouldn’t look further than this Samsung Galaxy S22 from Carphone warehouse. It really captures every moment with an incredibly low light video, 50 MP photos, and a beautiful screen. This one really is designed to craft spectacular content for those who know what they are doing. There is so much more that you can find within this smartphone. That said, there are seriously so many innovations which you can find within it. It really is a game-changing device which can create breath-taking low light videos to make every day and night better for you. You can now stay entertained with its Dynamic AMOLED 2X display even if you happen to sit in bright sunlight.

– Samsung Galaxy A13 2022

This one other option in the Samsung Galaxy series which you can prefer if you have been meaning to get features which will always keep you at an advantage. This Samsung Galaxy A13 2022 boasts a super sharp quad camera and bright display. Not just that but you’ll also get a large battery backup which will keep you powered all day long. In a nutshell, here’s a brief idea about what you’ll be getting with this Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It’s worth-mentioning features are: 50 MP rear camera, 8MP selfie camera, Bixby assistant, Fingerprint scanner, and 5000mAh battery.

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