Monterey Park Mass Shooting Reddit {Jan 2023} What has happened in the past?

Monterey Park Mass Shooting Reddit will discuss what has happened in the past and what the police have said.

Did you hear about the massacre in Monterey Park? What happened Saturday at West Garvey Avenue & Alhambra? What was the number of people who were killed in a mass shooting incident?

The United States and Canada were shocked by the mass shooting incident. The incident occurred as 50-60 000 people gathered to celebrate Lunar New Year. Let’s discuss this in Monterey Park Mass Shooting Reddit.

What’s the update?

This news comes from Monterey Park in California. It is where people were gathered to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year for two days. Ten people were killed and more than ten others were injured in a mass shooting that took place at 10:20 on Saturday.

After twenty minutes, an armed man was seen in a nearby dance hall. The community member disarmed him. The two incidents are being investigated by police. The suspect managed to flee the scene.

Yesterday’s updated information indicates that Monterey Park Mass Shooting Suspect has been removed from our ranks. Robert Luna, Los Angeles County Sheriff, stated that the suspect had died. Huu Can Tran has been identified as the 72-year-old Asian man. When police attempted to confront him in a white van, he committed suicide.

What has happened in the past?

Two-day event celebrating the Chinese Lunar Year was attended by Asian Americans living in Los Angeles and Alhambra. The second-day event on Sunday, however, was canceled after the incident.

Authority has released the photograph of the suspect in the Mass Shooting Monterey Park. He is described as a tall Asian man, approximately 5’10” in height. He is between 30 and 50 years old, wearing a black leather jacket and beanie and glasses.

Officers stopped a van in white at a stop sign in a town 30 miles away from the scene. They were unsure that the van’s driver was the same man who was seen at the crime scene at Monterey Park or the Alhambra nearby. He shoots himself before they meet. Further investigation revealed that the dead person was the same one who was seen at both locations.

Monterey Park Mass Shooting Video Available?

The video of the incident has not been released. There are many questions that remain after the suicide of the suspect, including the motive behind the shooting. It is unclear if he shot alone or with others. Unanswered questions include whether he shoots for personal enmity, or spreading hate. Please Click Here


The suspect has also been declared dead following the deaths of ten victims in a mass shooting. According to authorities, he committed suicide after officers tried to capture him.

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