MOUZ qualify for semis IEM Sydney

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In an enthralling three-map series, MOUZ completed a remarkable comeback against BetBoom to secure their spot in the IEM Sydney semifinals. Despite missing star rifler Jimi «Jimpphat» Salo, MOUZ demonstrated resilience and adaptability to take the hard-fought series 2-1.

It all kicked off on Mirage, where BetBoom came flying out of the gates with an ultra-aggressive style that caught MOUZ off guard. Storming to an early lead, BetBoom secured a commanding 11-3 first half, exploiting gaps in MOUZ’s Window smokes. With defeat looking imminent, MOUZ somehow sparked an unbelievable turnaround in the second half. The comeback was ignited by David «Frozen» Čerňanský, who provided a much-needed inspirational lift with a massive 1vs4 clutch at 11-4. This revitalized MOUZ, who started relentlessly attacking the B bomb site to slowly reduce BetBoom’s lead. Despite BetBoom’s early dominance, MOUZ had adapted to counter their aggression by the end of regulation. The first OT couldn’t separate the teams, but MOUZ had finally found their rhythm in the second, taking it 19-15 in an enthralling matchup.


Despite the crushing Mirage defeat, BetBoom quickly regained their composure and confidence on MOUZ’s own map pick of Ancient. A prolonged force buy skirmish went in BetBoom’s favor early, resulting in an 8-4 lead at the half. Although BetBoom struggled to close Ancient out cleanly post-switch, they had just enough to take the map 13-7 and force a decider. Pavel «s1ren» Ogloblin anchored B excellently, bouncing back after difficulties on Mirage.


With it all on the line on Overpass, MOUZ opted for a passive setup to nullify BetBoom’s aggression. This tactical switch worked wonders, with MOUZ storming to a 6-0 CT side start. However, BetBoom eventually stabilized and clawed their way back to tie it up 10-10. But just when it looked like BetBoom had the upper hand, MOUZ’s star duo of frozen and Ádám «torzsi» Torzsás took over. Frozen found a huge quad kill in the penultimate round before torzsi fittingly sealed the map 16-10 with an ace, locking in MOUZ’s semifinals spot.


Afterwards, Kamil «siuhy» Szkaradek praised stand-in Bram «Nexius» Campana, who has smoothly filled Jimpphat’s shoes with a consistent 0.99 event rating so far. This victory typifies MOUZ’s championship mentality despite adversity, setting up a semifinal showdown on Saturday.

Meanwhile, BetBoom will be disappointed but can hold their heads high after pushing MOUZ to the limit. They will enter the Sydney playoffs through the quarterfinals, where they await the winner of Complexity vs Monte. Based on today’s performance, BetBoom have proven they will be a formidable opponent for any team, despite just falling short against MOUZ.

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