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Must-See attractions in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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It was a small fishing village a century and a quarter ago. Johor Bahru is Malaysia’s southernmost capital and has grown steadily since independence in 1957. Today, it is known as JB and is home to 3m people. It is also connected to Singapore by bridges. Johor Bahru hosts 16m tourists annually. These are the top attractions.

1. Tasik Biru, Kangkar Pulai

It is hard to believe that such a beautiful, serene lake exists anywhere on the planet. Tasik Biru was once part of a copper mine. When sunlight mixes with copper sulphate, it turns a brilliant cobalt color. Instagrammers should visit this place. However, it is a long hike that takes you through a humid forest for two hours. Bring plenty of water.

2. Laman Mahkota, Istana Bukit Serene

This sculpture-cum-tower looks like a huge spider with half its legs gone. It is located at the Istana Bukit Serene palace, which is also the official residence of Sultan of Johor. The crown is supported by four arches that converge at its center. Its beauty is magnified at night, when the “jewels”, which embellish it, are illuminated.

3. Hutan Bandar MBJB

This adventure park is a great place to take your kids if you are travelling with them. You will find a variety of playgrounds and a skating park, as well as wading pools that spray water on animal sculptures. There is also an outdoor gym for grown-ups and a network walking paths in the landscaped grounds. A picnic area is available in the park’s shady grove. Food trucks offer hot and spicy foods.

4. JB Mariamman Temple

The Hindu temple located in central Johor Bahru was opened in 1911. It still hosts near-daily ceremonies and Hindu festivals. The temple stands out against the monochrome buildings and is full of colour. Take a look at the temple’s roofs, which are covered with vividly painted images depicting Hindu gods. Then, take a moment to soak up its interiors, often decorated with festival decorations and gold.

5. Ulu Choh Dirt Park

This vast, muddy playground is located less than 30 minutes away from Johor Bahru for boys and girls with their toys. Quad bikes, buggies, and dirt bikes rip through corners and jumps, creating a mess. This sounds like your idea of fun, so come on down and join the fun. There are many options for vehicles to rent or training. An off-road jungle tour is a great option for those who want to experience thrills but not too much.

6. Villa Nabila

Rumours are rife about this abandoned colonial home in the jungle that overlooks Danga Bay. Many believe that it is haunted. It has vine-wrapped columns and leaf-strewn floorings. Although locals differ on the reason it was abandoned, some suggest that there was a murderous housemaid and/or vengeful father. It’s best to avoid exploring with an odd-numbered group, as this can upset the spirits.

7. Danga Bay Park

Danga Bay Park, located on the waterfront, is an old-fashioned funfair that features rides such as a ferris wheel, rocking boat, bumper cars, and a carousel. Evenings are the best time to visit, as strings of fairy lights jangle with the glowing illuminations on the rides. The rides are all yours, so you don’t have to pay anything extra for a stroll around the park. As long as you resist the food carts, you won’t be charged for any additional rides.

8. Church of the Immaculate Conception

This is the oldest Catholic church in the area, having been opened in 1927. Its exterior is still as white as it was when it was constructed, which shows how well it has been cared for. You may see services being held at the church, but you are also welcome to participate. This is a great way for you to get a feel of the Johor Bahru Community, away from tourist attractions.

9. Legoland

This one will thrill even if you have been to Legoland New York, Dubai, or Florida before. The water park caters to small children with more than 20 rides and slides. Older children will be amazed by the crazy coasters, while those who are older will enjoy the virtual reality rollercoaster. Sea Life Malaysia is an aquarium that offers shark encounters.

10. Desaru Beach

Singaporeans travel two hours across the Causeway to do this. They travel to see the sunrise and sunset, as well as the water scooters that are available. The sea is not ideal for snorkeling, but the sand here is soft enough to use as a baby’s talc. Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort is less crowded. You can’t beat the traditional Malay Sarang massage by itself, which is enough to make you want to stay.

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