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Nadia Bartel Boyfriend will tell us about her past and current relationships, Wikipedia, biography, as well as more details.

Are you familiar with Nadia Bartel? Why is Australia so passionate about her? What’s the name of Nadia Bartel’s boyfriend? What is her profession? Why are more people interested in her story?

We will explain everything in our post Nadia Bartel Boyfriend. Let’s get to know more about Nadia Bartel.

What’s the most recent news about Nadia Bartel,

Nadia Bartel shared a sweet picture of her smiling man in which she seemed to whisper something into his ears. She wanted to keep their relationship private at first, so she didn’t share any photos with him on social media. Rumours of their romance have continued to circulate since January.

Finally, she finally shared the photo with him. She was wearing a long-sleeved brown dress and her brown-blonde hair falling over one shoulder. Her new Boyfriend with whom she shared pic is Peter Dugmore.

Who’s Peter Dugmore?

He is a former New South Wales soccer player and a sales director at a sporting goods firm. He is a former New South Wales footballer and a sales director for Giant Management.

The couple were first spotted together in Melbourne in January. They were later spotted together again in April. It was also reported that the couple were together on August’s European Holiday. They finally made their relationship official by announcing it.

Who is Nadia Bartel, and how did she get there? Her partner and her previous relationships.

Nadia Bartel was created in Australia on May 10, 1985. She is a well-known model and social media influencer.

She also has a YouTube channel with 1.77k subscribers.

Nadia was married to Jimmy Bartel in 2014. They have two children, Aston James Bartel (and Henley Roy Bartel) together. The couple divorced in August 2019.

She was the one who came in the spotlight during covid when Nadia and her friends were in lockdown. Each of them had to pay $5452 for violating the public safety directive.

Nadia Bartel Boyfriend Is Peter Dugmore. She finally shared it with the world through a post, after much suspense.


Nadia Bartel shared this beautiful picture of herself with a man with whom she is currently in a romantic relationship. They have been dating since January. But, Nadia Bartel finally shared the news through a sweet post. You can follow Nadia Bartel on her Facebook page.

Are you looking for more information about Nadia Peter or their relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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