Navarro Cheer Assistant Coach What has happened According to Monica?

The story of Monica aldama as a cheerleader is being discussed across the United States. Did you find out that Monica Aldama is the top cheerleader of the Navarro College Bulldogs? She leads the cheerleading squad of Navarro College in Corsicana.

La’Darius Marshall is among players. Do you know Marshall claimed that the cheerleaders were guilty of physical and mental abuse? We’ll look at what transpired the Navarro the Cheer assistant coach.

The History:

The TV show on Netflix – Cheer – followed the progress of the cheerleaders’ squad to compete in the National Cheerleaders Association Championship 2019. Monica and La’Darius were included in the TV show. The cheerleaders of Navarro College in Corsicana had been awarded the title of Champion.


It was Cheer season 2 began on Netflix on January 12th, also included Monica as well as La’Darius. However, La’Darius claimed that the Cheerleading squad at Navarro College of physical and mental assault.

The scandal gained attention of the public because La’Darius claimed to have a relationship with Monica in social media posts saying that he wanted to find out what happens if Monica will lie, and Monica is unable to silence him at this point.

What was the fate of Navarro the Cheer assistant coach According to La’Darius?

As per La’Darius, Kailee Peppers (an assistant coach) was on the show in season 29 on Dancing With the Stars. In the course of the show, La’Darius was not pleased with Kailee and phoned Monica repeatedly for assistance. But, La’Darius wasn’t heard of and was taken for granted.

Following the return after Dancing with the Stars, Monica lashed out at La’Darius and said he was an unfit apple. The incident led to La’Darius leave Cheerleading team at Navarro College.

What has happened According to Monica?

Navarro College Cheerleaders claimed that La’Darius attempted to make Kailee fired, and that he was ill-treated the Navarro Cheer Assistant Coach as well as Kailee as she became an assistant coach.

Monica informed the producers she knew that La’Darius had given an animal to Kailee with the promise that he’d return it once the semester was over. The truth is, Kailee gave the dog to her for adoption. Because of this, there was a dispute between the two.

Monica told the producers that La’Darius had threatened Kailee and, at Kailee’s residence La’Darius threatened that he was going to knock her out of the door if she failed to bring the animal back.

Reconciling relationships:

Monica has met La’Darius last week and asked him whether he had ever believed the way Monica in her role as Navarro assistant coach for Cheer was unjust? Monica admitted she was heartbroken. La’Darius during his conversation with Monica was overcome with tears. La’Darius said that he was thinking of Monica as his mother and that he was thinking of her similarly to how she thought of La’Darius.


In January 2022 La’Darius and Monica reached an agreement on reconnecting their friendships and now are connecting via social media.

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