NBA 2K23 – What We Can Expect From The First Look Trailer

For all the NBA 2K series fans, September 9th 2022 must be a big day because of the NBA 2K23 release. So today let us talk about what brand new updates that EA bring to us from the NBA 2K23 First Look Trailer.

Halftime Performance


So the first things first, the biggest thing is the jabbawockeez, they have done a little halftime performance in the trailer, it was finally not terribly cheerleaders or little kids doing a super weird dancing in the halftime show any more. They got the jabbawockeez to do breaking dance and you know what it’s an absolutely improvement. That for sure it’s a dope thing when you see those amazing dancers with gloves or the masks or that little bucket hats. 

Jordan Poole

The next thing I immediately noticed is Jordan Poole, so Jordan Pool gets a brand new face scan and a brand new little celebration. The funny thing is his tongue will stick out when he doing the little celebration, besides Michael Jordan no one in 2K series does that before. 

Ja Morant

Next thing is Ja Morant’s dunk, Ja Morant finally got his specific dunk animations added into this game. You can see his legs spreading like the Michael Jordan logo and then dunking on someone, that is a really cool animation. It is amazing that EA added it into the game just because he is different from anyone else. And Ja Morant’s celebration is updated as well in 2K23, his shimming dancing looks so good and you will love this animation for sure.


We can also find the brand new Curry Pull-up Moves. We all know that shoots the ball then spreads his leg is one of Curry’s typical movements, EA actually makes this animation in 2K23 very Curry like in the reality. I soon realized it at the first time, it surprised me a lot.


One more thing about Curry is another little surprise for his fans, ‘go to sleep’ animation. EA also add this Curry typical movement in 2K23, and this animation looks so funny that I can not help myself loving it. Honestly I would like to spend all my NBA 2K23 MT coins on Curry card just for those interesting animations. 

Lebron James

I realized it seems like EA makes a brand new face scan of Lebron James. In 2K23 Lebron looks like much more stronger than before, especially his face. By the way I am not gonna talk about his hairline, it is not contain in his face scan updates as well.

Bench Celebration

Then the bench celebration is also an interesting thing I would like to mention. With the celebrations already in the game, the brand new specific bench celebration also surprised me a lot. It’s little things like that can get us excited about 2K because it makes us feel more realities in the game.

New Nike Shoes

Here is the good news for sneaker head, the brand new Nike shoes. The details of the shoes in 2k23 is really amazing. If you are a sneaker head, it could be a really interesting thing to check their fresh Nike shoes. You can not buy them anyway…

Coach Face Scan


The thing that really surprised me is EA even update the coach face scan. The coach’s face scan has been criticized for many years, it is unbelievable that EA finally get the coach’s face full of details this year.


Last but not least, we should talk about the crowd. In 2K23 the crowd looks excited when after a game winner happens, the important thing is the vivid animations of crowd successfully light up the atmosphere when you have done a really good shoot in the game. It is really a big improvement.

For the NBA 2K fans, 2K23 is definitely an exciting game that worth expecting. EA seems like update all the animations for different stars. Thus how can we get those all-star players? Instead of finishing the dailies, getting Elite cards via NBA 2K23 MT. 

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