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New Amsterdam Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And All New Updates

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This Tuesday (23), NBC introduced a new trailer for its 3rd season of New Amsterdam. The production, which yields on March 2 at the broadcaster, integrated the coronavirus pandemic into its storyline and will have several exciting moments throughout its next episodes.

The protagonist Max (Ryan Eggold) has always been one of the wonderful defenders of the propositions that aim to produce the health system fairer for everybody. On the other hand, the new standard which is being faced will place many uncertainties in these issues, showing how the passion for your profession should be the most important of all at this moment.

From the pictures, it is possible to realize that the 3rd season of the series will have painful and frantic moments. The trailer also confirms that at least one physician in the group is going to be infected using covid-19, but there is no indication if that person will die or survive.

Check out the entire video:

New Amsterdam: Season 3 of this series reveals how the impact of coronavirus can affect the health system

Since the start of the outbreak, restrictive measures to protect its spread have largely aimed at reducing the devastating effects that the illness can cause on the different health systems spread around the world. This way, the 3rd season of New Amsterdam intends to deepen this fact.

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According to the series description, physicians’ challenges are tremendous and they might have to sustain the confidence that moves them ahead while dealing with exceptionally serious issues of patients that will not be able to sustain themselves following hospital expenditures.


On this topic, David Schulner, the inventor of the series, in an interview released at the beginning of the pandemic by Deadline, stated that the world, at the moment, had less fiction and much more factual info. It is observable that this is configured in the new episodes.

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