New Phillie Phanatic VS Old What’s Phillie Phanatic?

Do you regularly watch sporting events and leagues? You should be aware of recent changes to official mascots, which are a hot topic amongst its followers and fans from Canada and the United States.

The mascot is a symbol of the club that is used by most clubs around the globe. The mascot plays a significant role in club image. Continue reading to learn more about Old Phanatic vs .

What’s Phillie Phanatic?

Phillie Phanatic is the official mascot of Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team. He was first seen 25 April 1978. He performs a variety of acts for the fans and crowd during baseball games. Harrison/Erickson are his creators, also known as Acme Mascots.

He is the most well-known team mascot across all sports in North America. Phanatic was designed to bring more families to the stadium, as children love to watch the performances of the mascots.

Old Phanatic vs New Phillie Phanatic

  • The new Phanatic’s colour has been slightly lighter than the old one.
  • The new Phanatic’s snout is also a different shape, as it appears more like a cone than the cylindrical one.
  • The eyes have undergone a significant change. The latest Phanatic has round-shaped eyes, whereas the previous Phanatic had oval ones.
  • The new Phanatic’s hand is now separated from his furry hair. New arm scales were also present.

Learn More about Modifications:

  • Another difference betweenThe Old Phillie Phanatic vs the New Phillie PhanaticThe best part is that his large belly was reduced by the moderators.
  • The tail of the Phanatic also underwent minor but noticeable changes. The same light blue color was used to dye his tail as his eyelashes. The tail length was also increased.
  • Eyelids and eyelashes can also be modified. The new eyelids are similar to light purple stars, as opposed to the dark purple-colored eyelids that had cloud shapes and were previously made of clouds. While comparing Old Phillie Phanatic to, the eyelashes shades have been changed to a lighter color.
  • Red shoes with the logo in red and green have been replaced by red shoes with white trim.
  • Socks also have seen changes. Red and white socks are being replaced by red and white stripes.


Because they are the only representative of the team, Mascots have a high status symbol among fans and clubs. Mascots were also instrumental in bringing more children fans to the club. Visit Phillie Phanatic to learn more.

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