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10 Data science companies you should know

Data is one of the most valuable assets of any company. From healthcare to finance firms, whole enterprises have begun to understand the demand for data-driven business processes. Thus, there is an increasing demand for very skilled data scientists. With more engagement amongst companies, Data Science company is willing to spend substantial pays on the most qualified skill in the area. Hereabouts are the most reliable data organizations to run on in 2021:

  • Oracle;
  • Amazon;
  • Jp morgan chase.

How it works

A scientist develops an algorithm that predicts and models trends, behavior, patterns based on. The algorithm parameters are determined automatically based on the data.

In simple terms, an algorithm is the calculation of a value using a previously known formula, for example, y = 5x + 2.

In Science, the formula is not known in advance, but is derived from the obtained. For example, an algorithm can show how a person’s productivity changes during the working day and what factors it depends on.

The demand for data scientists is impressive. In the United States alone, about 190 thousand people are missing in this area. India is also joining a global movement demanding literate professionals across a wide range of industries. By 2025, India’s big analytics sector is estimated to grow eightfold to reach $ 16 billion.

The demand for specialists who, among other things, understand the complex science of Science, is rather big in Belarus. Many IT companies are ready to offer jobs – EPAM, Oxagile, Wargaming, ScienceSoft, ISsoft, iTechArt and others. The ability to work with big data, extract valuable information from information, analyze and deduce hidden patterns – the necessary skills that will open up your professional responsibilities.

Demand in many areas

By using GPS to get to your destination, you automatically generate tons of data that come back to you as optimized metrics … not in all areas, which guarantees a high demand for data scientists.

High salary

Data scientists make more money than average IT workers. In particular, for several years in a row Scientist ranked the highest paid professions according to Glassdoor.

From mathematics to programming and business analysis

To summarize, a statistician needs to understand mathematics and skills, have IT skills, have programming experience and an understanding of business processes in a particular area. Among the main duties of a big data consulting company are collecting and presenting large amounts of data in a convenient format, searching for hidden relationships and patterns in them, conducting statistical tests, developing in Python, R, SAS languages, solving business problems using data processing methods.

To start developing in this direction, you need to get basic skills in Python or another object-oriented programming language (Proglib step-by-step instruction). It is also important to have a basic knowledge of mathematics: limits, differential and integral calculus.

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