Next-Gen Chemical Purification with SRS’s Automated Systems

Modernizing industrial processing, automated chemical distillation columns, particularly in the oil and gas sector, have become indispensable tools in modern manufacturing. 

These sophisticated systems are engineered for autonomous operation, drastically minimizing the need for human intervention and optimizing the separation of liquid mixtures into their constituent parts based on volatility differences.

An example of such innovation is the SRXC-Series by SRS, a fully automated chemical distillation column that is revolutionizing high-purity chemical purification across a spectrum of industries. 

The SRXC-Series is tailored to remove water, various chemicals, and contaminants from the chemical being purified. Its advanced design and operation enable it to achieve remarkably low parts per million levels, making it ideal for applications where chemical purity is paramount.

The cornerstone of the SRXC-Series is its precision. 

Equippеd with an array of sеnsors and a sophisticatеd control systеm, it mеticulously monitors and adjusts kеy paramеtеrs likе tеmpеraturе, prеssurе, and flow ratеs.  

This prеcisе control not only еnsurеs thе production of high-purity products but also contributеs to significant еnеrgy savings. 

The system’s fractionating column, coupled with a reflux stream, facilitates continuous material separation while maintaining a flow rate of 25-5000 gallons per hour.

A key feature of the SRXC-Series is its programmable logic controller (PLC), housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure. 

This PLC can also be remotely located in a customer’s control room. It monitors various relays and sensors, ensuring proper liquid levels, flows, temperatures, and valve positions before initiating the distillation cycle. 

The system’s touchscreen controller panel displays clear status messages for operational safety and ease of use. In the event of any fault or at the cycle’s end, the system automatically shuts off, ensuring both efficiency and safety.

Customization is a significant aspect of the SRXC-Series, with tailored columns and fractionating packing. 

The system also incorporates high-efficiency heaters and heat exchangers, necessary for meeting the demanding throughput requirements of various applications. 

Whether utilizing hot oil, steam, or electric heaters, the SRXC-Series Columns stand as a testament to SRS’s commitment to innovative, efficient, and safe industrial processing solutions.

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