Setting New Benchmarks in Hazardous Waste Treatment

The Aerosol Shredder Unit (ASU) by SRS Designed Equipment represents a significant advancement in the handling of hazardous waste in an era when environmental sustainability and waste management are of paramount importance. 

Available in various models (ASU-200 to ASU-2000), the ASU efficiently drains, crushes, and contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from household aerosol cans. 

This innovative technology not only aims to minimize hazardous waste leakage into landfills but also plays a crucial role in ozone layer protection by containing VOCs.

The ASU series boasts a throughput range of 250 to 2500 cans per hour, catering to diverse needs. 

Each unit is tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements, including compliance with local electrical codes across different counties. 

The units accommodate a wide range of voltage requirements, including high voltage options like 575 VAC and lower voltages upon request.

Durability is a cornerstone of the ASU’s design. 

The rugged construction ensures longevity with minimal maintenance needs. High-quality components are used to guarantee the equipment’s durability. The shredding process effectively separates liquids from metals and plastics. 

Liquids are directed to containment tanks for safe disposal or reuse, while metals and plastics are prepared for recycling.

A standout feature of the ASU is its VOC recovery process. 

Using a vacuum blower system, VOCs from the aerosols are captured and transferred to an activated carbon bed for containment or redirected to other facilities like thermal oxidizers. 

Additionally, the unit is equipped with a Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) sensor to detect and alert users of any VOC leakages, ensuring safety and efficiency.

The ASU is built to Class 1 Division 1 Standards, boasting explosion-resistant features and non-sparking stainless steel shredding teeth. 

It meets various global standards, including ATEX/CE. Designed for low-speed operation to minimize heat friction, the ASU can process up to 3000 cans per hour, depending on the model. 

It also features nitrogen solenoid and flow meter controls, vacuum blower for vapor removal, jam detection with auto-reverse shredding, and a PLC automated controller for self-diagnostic checks.

SRS Designed Equipment, renowned for its methanol recovery systems, solvent distillation systems, biodiesel plants, and various other high-quality industrial equipment, offers the ASU as a testament to its commitment to innovative and environmentally responsible solutions. 

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