NFT Hasbulla What does NFT Hassela do?

Hasbulla Magomedov is a popular blogger and a well-known tiktoker. Mini Khabib is his nickname in the United Kingdom , Australia, and Canada. Hasbulla looks a lot like Khabib Numagomedov. Hasbulla also shares many videos of Khabib on his social media pages. Hasbulla, who is eighteen years of age, looks five years younger due to a rare illness.

Hasbulla was the one who had created HSBL coin. In this article, we will discuss NFT .

About Hasbulla NFT:

Hasbulla shared his videos to have fun. His videos quickly gained popularity. Soon, his appearance and the disease became much-talked about. Hasbulla was also featured in the news when he was to face Abdu Razik in an MMA bout. He threatened to kill someone for posting a video of his sister on social media, and he was recently removed from that account.

Hasbulla was so popular that he began working on a crypto-project. Hizbullah’s digital artwork photos were released on 17 December, 2021. Hasbulla actively promotes his NFT through social media, such as Instagram and Twitter.

What does NFT Hassela do?

Hasbulla NFT uses fiat stable coins algorithms to develop programmable payment systems, financial infrastructure, and rebuild conversational payment networks in blockchain networks.

  • You can buy Hasbulla NFT to stack until the price of this NFT rises.
  • Once you make the desired profit, you may sell Hasbulla NFT.
  • Four percent are guaranteed to increase the floor prices.
  • Hasbulla NFT holders receive five percent for each transaction.

Hasbulla NFT Price:

  • HSBL Liquidity: 1,199.477 $(0.00%)
  • HSBL Prices:0.000150000000$
  • Market Cap7.500.00 $
  • NFT Hasbulla Trading Volume 24h: 0.00 $
  • Volume/Market Cap: 0.00%
  • Transactions 24h 0, (0.00%)
  • 24h low / 24h high: not possible
  • All Time high: unavailable
  • All-Time low: not available
  • 24h:
  • 7d:
  • Total Stock: 50,000,000
  • Circulating Stock:50,000,000 HSBL
  • Decimals: 10
  • Contact address: 0x8bdcfaeb12cf9c7d701d8d1f0215455fe5851dc6

Hasbulla NFT Price prediction:

Hisbulla NFT was launched recently and crypto experts are anxiously waiting for price predictions.

Hasbulla NFT:

  • Metamask wallet logon
  • Metamask wallet – Add BSC network chain ID 56
  • Purchase BNB and send $BNB directly to Metamask wallet
  • Login to Pancakeswap to connect Metamask to purchase NFT Habulla.
  • Add 12% slippage to search for $HasbullaToken and click on Swap


Therefore, we recommend you wait to observe the market trend before making an investment. Hasbulla NFT may appreciate in value due to its popularity. But it will in the long term.

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