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Are you interested in learning more about NFT You can view the NFT Magazine by gathering the NFT Covers created by the best crypto artists worldwide. The magazine is very popular in Sweden (Ireland, Australia), United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Find out more about the top crypto players, market dynamics and ratings. Get professional guidance. NFT collections’ worth is determined by three key pillars: community, history, and utility. NFT collections can have multiple aspects of value, or one. You can read more about Nftmagazine.combelow.

Who is the founder of the magazine?

A study has found that 41% NFT companies are located in the US. NFTMagazine with over 40 employees is one of the fastest-growing. JetSetFly, Joey Sendz, as well as TheBlondeJon (the men behind The Junior Punks), co-founded it.

JetSetFly, more commonly known as JetSet, is one the most prominent, well-liked and important marketers and businesspeople of Generation Z. He has helped to produce thousands of prospects, and made more than $20,000,000 in online sales in a matter of ten short years. He decided to open .

After working as a neuromarketing advisor for three NFT brands and generating a total of $10M in NFT release revenue, he became interested in non-fungible items. was then launched in January 2022.

What did JetSet decide?

JetSet soon launched a side venture that dealt in NFTs, cryptocurrencies and other cryptocurrencies. JetSet quickly discovered that his main business required less hustle than this side job.

It was hard for him to keep up the pace with all the new information about The “alpha”–beneficial information about NFTs was what he finally received. JetSet discovered that there weren’t any trustworthy NFT news outlets, or networking groups, despite the fact that NFT users number in the millions.

Many of the most influential NFT media outlets in the 1980s accepted paid advertising and misrepresented this as “genuine reportage”, which was far from the truth.

What did convey to him?

JetSet is well aware that the NFT marketplace will soon disappear unless and until it is changed. JetSet was inspired by the success stories of CoinDesk and Morning Brew in the NFT industry.

He wanted to make a place for NFT users to go to receive accurate news, NFT Training, real-time market notifications, NFT education, and to have the opportunity to interact with other NFT enthusiasts.


Nftmagazine.comcreator JetSetFly provides three recommendations to buy an NFT-collection. He asserts that leaders can take crucial steps immediately.

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