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Nissan Stadium Twitter – All the Details You Need to Know!

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Nissan Stadium Tweet This article contains all the latest information about the concert of Taylor Swift’s Eros Tour held at Nissan Stadium on Sunday.

The Taylor Swift concert at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium has been delayed by bad weather. The show was cancelled or did it finally happen due to the lightning and storms in the area. Taylor Swift fans and stadium officials had a terrible time with the Sunday night concert.

The stadium had issued an advisory to move into the shelter, which resulted in a two-hour delay. The Nissan Stadium concert marked the final show of the Eras Tour for Nashville, United StatesNissan Stadium’s Twitter has updated details on the show.

Taylor Swift’s Show is Delayed Two Hours by

Swift’s last Nashville concert was scheduled for Nissan Stadium Sunday night. She will be moving to Philadelphia next weekend to continue her tour. Swift’s show was originally scheduled to start at 7.50 pm, but the bad weather forced the stadium administration two hours later.

On social media, the venue notified the fans at 5.40 pm local time that the weather was bad and asked them move to an area with shelter or ramps. For safety, the social media post asked fans to follow stadium officials’ guidelines.

Nissan Stadium Lightning Policy:

The weather service predicted a small risk of thunderstorms from late afternoon to mid-afternoon in Davidson County, United States. Two storm systems developed west of Nashville, causing this weather condition. For the last-minute changes, concert officials contacted weather service personnel and stadium staff.

Nissan Stadium’s weather policy stipulates that if there is any chance of lightning within eight miles of the stage the concert must be stopped and the audience moved to a shelter. After 30 minutes, if there is no lightning within eight miles of the venue, the show can begin.

On Sunday, the Nissan Stadium Lightning Policywas put into effect to ensure the safety of performers and fans.

How did Nissan Stadium officials react to lightning?

The Nissan Stadium staff was in constant contact with the weather service, concert management, and fans. The stadium updated the status of the concert on social media and asked fans to adhere to the instructions given by the staff. Nissan Stadium’s Twitter account kept fans informed of the situation.

The handle instructed people to go to the covered areas like ramps and other shelters while those in the car were told to stay seated.

Nissan Stadium Tweet Handle Updated Fans:

The Twitter account kept the fans informed of the events that were taking place at the stadium. Next, the tweet thanked the fans for being patient and cooperative as they waited to see if the storm would pass. The tweet also encouraged the audience to continue singing their favorite song while they waited for the next Eras update.

Swift fans were given hope by the tweet at 6.57 pm that Swift’s concert would be delayed and that they would receive good news in a short time. The tweet from 9.03 announced that Swift’s production team were working on the show but that fans remained in the shelter as a safety measure.

Taylor Swift Post Nissan Stadium Tweet:

Taylor Swift shared pictures from a concert she performed in Nashville earlier on Friday and Saturday. Swift posted at 7.54 pm local time Sunday to assure fans that she would still perform in spite of the storm and rain. Swift praised the Nashville audience and called them “beautiful, generous”

Final verdict

Swift was scheduled to take the stage at 10:11 p.m. .

Have you seen any Taylor Swift live performances? Please leave a comment.

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