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No Time Limit application: What You Need to Apply for NTL

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A No Time Limit application helps individuals with outdated or lost immigration documents to upgrade to a biometric residence permit (BRP card), which can be used to verify their current immigration status in the UK.

The Home Office has reminded us that making an NTL application has been free for those having indefinite leave to enter the UK or remain there since April 2022.

Using free internet services to prove their eligibility to rent in England and work in the UK is one of the main advantages of possessing a BRP Card. Additionally, a BRP makes it simple to enter and exit the UK. The No Time Limit application form must be used to submit applications for NTL within the UK.

What is a No Time Limit application?

A person who has been granted indefinite leave to enter (ILE) or indefinite leave to remain (ILR) may apply to the NTL administration for confirmation of this status on a BRP Card. This individual is regarded as having “settled” in the UK.

No Time Application for an NTL BRP Card is possible:

  • Where they want a BRP Card to confirm that they have legitimately changed their identity or appearance since receiving ILR
  • Where they want their BRP to reflect their new nationality after changing it
  • To enhance their ILR or ILE non-digital proof. For example, if they have a vignette in their passport, they can trade it for a digital NTL BRP that serves as a status confirmation.
  • If their passport has been lost, stolen, or is no longer valid and contains an ILE, ILR, or NTL endorsement.
  • Although being residents of the UK, they lack any documentation to support their claim.

Who is eligible to apply for NTL?

To be eligible for a No Time Limit Application, the applicant must:

  • Have indefinite leave to enter (ILE) or indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK, including individuals who are regarded as having “settled” in the UK as of January 1, 1973, or earlier.
  • Not misplaced their ILE or ILR (for example, by being absent from the UK for 2 years or more since 2000)
  • Keep having access to ILE or ILR (for example, ILE/ILR has not been or won’t be revoked).
  • Apply using an NTL application form from within the UK.

NTL Dependants:

  • The following dependents may list on an application for NTL:
  • Youngsters under the age of 18.

Each dependent must have an indefinite leave status. Additionally, dependent children 18 years old or older must submit a separate application.

Required documents for apply for NTL application

To prove your ILR status in the UK, you can use the following documents to apply for NTL application:

  • Indefinite leave to enter (ILE) endorsement
  • Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) endorsement
  • Previous endorsements with no time limit.
  • Visas for returning residents.
  • After an ILE/ILR has been granted, open date stamps.
  • An ILE/ILR biometric residence permit (BRP) proving your identity.

Your passport, proof of identity, and ILR status must be presented (from the above list). Additionally, you must submit additional evidence, such as a marriage certificate or a change of name deed poll, if you’re filing for an NTL BRP owing to a name change.

If you do not have documentation of your status, Home Office caseworkers will search your files and records to look for evidence of indefinite leave. For example, suppose you misplaced your status documents.


After submitting an NTL application and all required supporting documentation, the Home Office may take up to 6 months to decide. A well-prepared application typically makes a decision more quickly. Additionally, you can choose priority services to speed up the procedure.

For proper guidance, contact My Legal Services professional solicitors team. We are committed to providing services and advice on UK immigration that are clear and concise.

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