Nose Pins as a Form of Self-Expression: Exploring the Meaning behind this Popular Accessory


Nose pins are an essential accessory that gives your look the extra edge. Plus, they’re small, so they don’t take away from other jewelry you might have. In addition, these fine pieces of jewelry are versatile – so it’s a great way to express yourself by wearing a part of a chic nose pin.

We know it can be overwhelming to shop for nose pins online. You might be wondering how to pick the right one for you. With this blog, explore the meaning behind this popular accessory. Accessorize your face with small to medium nose pins, tiny nose rings, and septum rings for a stunning look. Let’s know more!

History and Legacy behind Nose Pins

Nose piercing is an integral part of Indian culture, similar to wearing bangles, a mangalsutra, and a bindi. For some women, piercings are seen as a symbol of adulthood and growth. Nose piercing is a timeless symbol of womanhood and grace in India.

Apart from being an age-old tradition, it is a way to express individuality and rebellion for many women. For years, nose piercing has become an integral part of our Indian culture. You can wear nose rings made of heavy material or just a single diamond stud in your nose.

Although one may associate nose piercing with Indian culture, the practice is much older, with evidence of it being followed in the Middle East and among various indigenous groups in Central and South America, Central Asia, and Australia.

Nose pins have a fascinating history that can be traced back to ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley. People in those times used to wear them as a symbol of their marital status. In certain societies, nose pins were also used for trading and exchanging goods and services. They were also given as tokens of love or appreciation between people.

The Bible is an ancient holy book that has been around for centuries and mentions nose jewelry in several of its passages. This is a testament to its cultural significance over the years. The practice of the tradition may have been brought to India with the Mughals from Central Asia during their 16th-century arrival.

Nose pins have come a long way, from being used in ancient civilizations to becoming a fashion statement. They are cherished for their aesthetic value and represent cultural and personal connections many deeply love.

Despite the ever-changing fashion trends across ages, the decorated nose has been a timeless symbol of beauty. No matter what you call it – Mookuthi, Naak ki keel, Naak-chaabi, Nath, or Laung – this accessory can make you look so much more beautiful and refined.

Varieties of Trendy Nose Pins in Fashion

Nose Piercing and body modification enthusiasts find nose pins a great way of expressing their style. It is becoming more common in this community as a form of self-expression. Nose piercings are a way for people to express their identity and style. 

Check out some of the trendiest collections and varieties of nose pins that have been in fashion since history:

  1. 18-carat gold diamond nose pin– Wearing a gold nose pin has become popular amongst many as an artistic form of self-expression. With the increasing popularity of minimalistic styles, comfort, and beauty have never been so accessible. You can wear this elegant 18-carat gold diamond nose pin daily. 

The diamond makes it an ideal accessory if you want to add radiance and glamor to your get-together. Whether you like staying in touch with the latest trends or prefer a more classic approach, these nose studs are perfect. They are classic and will always be in style.

  1. Bulaks for septum-pierced women– Bulaks are a great fashion accessory for traditional and modern women. Some Himalayan states have women wearing these beautiful jewelry pieces to complete their looks. 

Septum piercings have recently been gaining more attention, thanks to celebrities such as Rihanna and Willow Smith. This piercing involves placing a barbell through the septum, suspended downwards just above Cupid’s Bow.

  1. Maharashtrian Nath/ Nose pin– The iconic Maharashtrian nose pin, also known as “Peshwai Nath,” originated about 300 years ago during the Peshwa period and was initially exclusively worn by queens and other royal women. 

This exquisite piece of jewelry continues to represent the traditional heritage of Maharashtra. This clip-on Nath is to be fitted onto the left nostril of the nose. Wearing classy jewelry like this nose pin or Nath can elevate a woman’s look. 

A nose pin can be a part of a woman’s daily look, whereas the Nath is usually reserved for special occasions and events.


Nose piercings can be seen as a way to express yourself, explore your identity, and connect with age-old traditions. No matter your personal preference, it serves many purposes and is an act of self-expression.

People with angular faces can choose a pattern that helps to soften the sharp edges & straight lines. Eye-catching nose pins are a great option since they can detract attention from powerful, long, or rounded features.

You can find a range of natural diamond jewelry with contemporary designs to create a timeless look when wearing nose rings. So, whether you’re looking for classic studs, playful and modern shapes, or a timeless bridal piece, nose pins come in various designs.

Like diamond earrings or an engagement ring, a sparkling pin embedded in a diamond can serve you for a lifetime. Its timeless beauty and sparkle are sure to mesmerize everyone around!

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