Choose Ascent Car Rental for all your Vancouver car rental requirements, whether you’re hosting business guests, in need of a bigger vehicle, planning a weekend excursion, or your car is in the shop. Pickup service is offered from a wide variety of Car Rental Vancouver Airport sites around Canada, so there’s probably one near you. The car rentals they provide in the summer and the winter are exciting and a great option for groups of friends or families who wish to see Vancouver on their schedule and within their means of transportation.


To facilitate your airport pickup and drop-off, Ascent Car Rentals will work with you. Booking with them initiates a customer’s interaction with one of Vancouver’s greatest car rental businesses.

They will monitor your flight status and be ready to pick you up at the Vancouver International Airport passenger pickup area. You must arrive in Vancouver, British Columbia, sign some papers, and you’ll be on your way with a rental car for the remainder of your stay.

One of the most important considerations when selecting a car rental company in Vancouver is proximity to where you need to pick up and drop off your car. Despite being centrally located in the Pan Pacific Hotel, most of the hotel’s car rental agencies do not provide individualized attention to their customers.


They are more than simply a rental vehicle company since they understand that you may choose to sit back and relax in the passenger seat on occasion. It’s also possible to go on one of their many tours. Ascent Car Rentals aspires to be more than just another car rental company by offering free pick-up service from any of the downtown Vancouver hotels. They don’t just hire cars; they rent adventures.

Take a tour of Vancouver to see the sights and learn why it’s often regarded as one of the world’s most attractive major cities. Ocean vistas, local markets, historic buildings, and trendy neighborhoods are just some of the things you may discover. If you rent a car from Ascent Car Rental upon your arrival in Vancouver, you can quickly go to some of the city’s best attractions. Some of them are;


Old-fashioned steam clock, cobblestone streets, and antique street lamps. It’s a district where history and modernity coexist, where you can feel the influence of both past and present. An integral part of Vancouver’s past is where you may discover Victorian-style homes, trendy shops, and cafes with a casual walk.

Gastown is an eclectic neighborhood that successfully blends the old and the new with its cobblestone streets, antique lighting, and iconic steam clock. It has played a significant role in the development of Vancouver. Simply taking a trip around town is enough to see Victorian buildings, cutting-edge stores, and hip eateries.


Granville Island Market, Pacific Northwest food, and Pacific-themed art all in one spot! Learn where to acquire local artists’ best seven-pointers and the greatest handmade goods. Spend some time eating ice cream while taking in the sights of False Creek and downtown Vancouver.

If you’re interested in Pacific Northwest art, history, culture, or food, you won’t want to miss the Granville Island Market. Learn where to get the best one-of-a-kind creations made by regional artisans. After you’ve exhausted the gift shops, reward yourself with a scoop of ice cream while gazing at False Creek and the Vancouver skyline.


Vancouver’s Stanley Park is a beautiful green haven in the middle of the city. This natural West Coast rainforest spans 400 ha and is home to breathtaking vistas of mountains, ocean, lakes, and towering old-growth trees, not to mention a memorable stroll along the park’s world-famous Seawall. The Stanley Park Pavilion and Miniature Train, the Totem Poles, Prospect Point, Ferguson Point, and Second Beach are all must-sees while in the park.

There are a lot of interesting locations to check out in Vancouver, but would you be able to get about without a car? Absolutely not. You won’t have to worry when Ascent Car Rentals is on your side.


  • The North Shore Mountains are a must-see on every trip to Vancouver because of the dramatic scenery they present. You can go to the mountains and all the exciting things to do there by renting a vehicle. Have a car, and you may go snowboarding or skiing at Cypress Mountain or trek Grouse and Seymour for breathtaking vistas.
  • At both the Main and South terminals of Vancouver International Airport, you’ll find rental car booths right near the baggage claim areas.
  • Canada uses the metric system for distance and speed measurement; drivers should be aware of this and alter their behavior accordingly. Many intersections in Vancouver feature flashing green lights, indicating that drivers may go through but must be careful and give way to pedestrians. Keeping a vigilant watch on your blind zones is essential in Vancouver, where many bikers are on the roadways. Keep in mind that certain roads in the city have dedicated bike lanes, while others have shared lanes; in any case, you should give bikers plenty of space.
  • Avoid driving or using main arterial roads between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m., since this is peak rush hour in Vancouver, as in other big cities. During the nighttime, traffic on West Georgia Street may become particularly terrible, so it’s best to find an alternate route. Also, remember that Vancouver’s bridges, like the Alex Fraser, may become jammed up with traffic during rush hours and take a long time to clear out because of their limited capacity.


Vancouver is a wonderful city that caters to all types of tourists. Renting a vehicle from Ascent Car Rentals will give you the freedom to view all the sights in Vancouver at your speed, whether your interests lie in nature, history, culture, or just getting away from it all. They provide the most cost-effective cars on the market, including insurance and mileage that never expire. Car Rental Vancouver Airport has the ideal car ready for you. You should make reservations right away so you can start seeing the land asap. Time to give it your all!

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