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Online casinos are improving with each day. From being simple casinos that are not available online and offering only a few games to online casinos being online and offering more than 1000 games both in Prematch and Live mode, it’s hard to deny that online casino are becoming more and more tempting to people.

In comparison to regular casinos, online casinos have a list of different advantages. For example, online casinos can guarantee you the safety of your actions and funds, since all online casinos operate under licenses. Thanks to online casinos, you will be able to play Casino games at any place and time, since online casinos offer mobile applications. And of course, online casinos offer tons of great games in comparison to a limited number of games in offline casinos.

Popular Online Casino Games

Since the online casino industry is growing exponentially, nowadays, there are tons of great online casino games that you can play and have fun at. The most popular ones in Australia are:

  • Poker. Poker has a wide range of varieties, with the most popular one being Texas Hold’em. When playing Poker, your goal as a player is to get a combination of cards that is better than your opponent’s;
  • Blackjack. Similar to Poker, in Blackjack, you also have to get a certain combination of cards, except here, you will have to get as close to 21 as possible without going over;
  • Slots. Slot games are essential to any online casino, since in Slot games, you will almost not have to think at all. Your goal while playing Slot games is to get a combination of symbols, and the greater the combination – the more you will win;
  • Roulette Games. In Roulettes, you will be playing against a dealer. The field has from 1 to 36 in numbers, as well as red and black spots. One spot is green, and it has incredibly high odds. Your goal is to either predict the number or the color the ball will land on.

These are the most popular games of online casinos, and you will definitely be able to win a lot of money by playing them.

What Games Should be Offered at Online Casinos?

Even though the online casino industry is extremely developed these days, you know what they say – there is always room for improvement. Even if the online casino has over 1000 various games, most of the time, players would only choose some of them and play them non-stop, and once the game becomes boring or not interesting, people stop using the online casino at all. Therefore, online casinos, including Australian ones, need to start adding new games to their Casino sections. The new games that should be offered are:

  • Aviator. The Aviator game is not really new, since some online casinos have it, however, we think that ALL online casinos should offer it. After all, this game is really great for new online casino players, since it allows you to jump into the world of gambling without having to learn any combinations or strategies. All you will have to do is to place a bet and predict when the plane will crash. The odds in Aviator can get extremely high as well, which is a huge plus for any player;
  • VR Games. Virtual Reality is growing exponentially, since it is becoming more and more realistic and affordable with each day. And of course, nowadays, Virtual Reality can be used to play Casino games! The easiest example of using Virtual Reality for gambling is to start using Virtual Reality to play against live dealers;
  • Augmented Reality Games. Similar to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality can also be used for gambling. Online casinos can start using Augmented Reality to let all Australian players feel as if they are visiting the online casino by using the camera of their mobile device.

Review of Uptown Pokies Casino

Now that we have told you about the online casino games that should be offered at all online casinos, we want to recommend you the online casino Uptown Pokies. Uptown Pokies Casino is a great online casino that lets all Australian players have the best possible experience when playing Casino games. After all, the Casino section of Uptown Pokies features over 1000 various Casino games, all of which operate flawlessly and smoothly thanks to great software providers like Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Fugaso, Netsoft, Mancala Gaming and more. You will also be able to play tons of great Casino games of Uptown Pokies Australia in Live mode, where you will be playing against live dealers. The online casino features a mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices as well, which is available absolutely for free. Feel free to use Uptown Pokies Casino to win a lot of money and have fun.

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