Onward: scientific communication and a new area of written dialogues by Hamed Kioumarsi

Authors’ Biography: Hamed Kioumarsi received his BSc and MSc degrees in Agriculture and Ph.D. From the University of Science Malaysia in 2004, 2007, and 2011 respectively. He then completed a second master’s degree in Education. He authored ten books and is a well-known, award-winning, author.

Dr. Kioumarsi is working with some of the top Springer journals as an editorial board member and associate editor and trying to lead publications to change our society desperately needs. He works for some of the most prestigious publications including Springer Nature, Black & Wiley, Taylor & Francis, MDPI, The University of California Press, and Frontiers. Hamed Kioumarsi collaborates with Biological Procedures Online as an editorial board member. It is a Q1 journal that achieved a 2-year Impact Factor of 6.4. It is one of the top journals in the field of biological science. He also works with Wikipedia and associated projects.

His recent best-seller book, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, is designed to raise awareness about Sustainable Development (SD). It is a widespread word in every corner of this world yet a difficult concept to define. It is a must-take road, the road less traveled. It is a journey to peace and prosperity, but a journey which should be taken together, as Klaus Schwab has stated: “One new reality is global interconnectivity and the fact that all challenges must be addressed based on ‘togetherness'”.

There is a lot of focus on sustainable development by the United Nations and a lot has been done. However, one of the shortcomings of the universal rules and regulations is undermining the cultural situations in different parts of the world and considering the diversity that could make unifying difficult if we don’t consider it. Our world needs unity and understanding to tackle the many problems it is facing. To pursue widespread sustainable development, we should first have a broader and holistic understanding of both cross-cultural commonalities and diversity in human responses to this concept. As beautifully mentioned in Sophie’s World, we need to be either a child or a philosopher, we need the faculty of wonder …

Dr. Kioumarsi Says His Upcoming Book Is ‘Data Science: A Quick Guide to Modern Data Governance’, The World we are living in is descending into Chaos, and it is verified by physics! Physicists believe the Earth System gets into the region of chaotic behavior and maybe learning data science is a way to predict and track the changes in our surrounding environment and to learn how to survive and to live with it.

Data scientists are likely to face a growing demand for their skills in different fields. We were researching the highest-paying jobs that are predicted to be in demand for the future and interestingly, the data scientists are at the top of the list. A decade ago, technologists Thomas H. Davenport and D.J. Patil declared data scientists the most attractive job of the future. And their prediction has become true as the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital information.

He also argues that it is not too late to achieve real changes in our society — human society is now so vast, interdependent, and complex and to take this beautiful beast on track we need a unifier and in the history written dialogues have played this role. From the Plato’s Republic to Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe and Tom Paine’s Common Sense and Ours.

Written dialogues played a significant role in shaping human societies, and today scientific publications meant to do it. AI could help, but our publications need soul and emotion as great masterpiece novels had. As an associate editor for some of the top journals in the field of environmental study and biological science, I receive many articles every day, which helps me connect to many authors and reviewers all around the world.

A sense of connection to a great community capable of making great changes to our lives and shaping the future of the human race. It is still a war. Scientists and philosophers should take this war against poverty, diseases, fanaticism, racism, tribalism, climate change, and so on.

To do so we need alive and committed organizations to connect scientists around the world and make their voices heard. The human-oriented scientific organization systems can make these bridges with scientific communication as a new area of written dialogues and help us to take the road not taken as we as the human race did many times in our history to shepherd this planted gain onward. All we need is another hero generation.


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