Overview of The Features of Meditech EHR

Before committing to any EHR solution, you have to dig deeper into its functionalities. Therefore, conducting a feature analysis is imperative to learn how your desired functions work. By doing so, you can get to know whether an EHR solution can handle your clinical operations. Also, you will get to learn about its learning curve and the quality maintained by its services.

Today, we’ll look into the feature details of Meditech EHR. For this, we’ll not rely on one single resource. Instead of just sticking with the overview provided on the official website, we will look at it from the demo and reviews perspective. Collecting reliable information from multiple resources will make an informed, yet effective decision. So, here we go.

Meditech EHR Features Elaborated in the Demo

Expanse Patient Care

What’s the essence of delivering exceptional care? It’s taking a step towards pro-grade technology. The demo of Meditech EHR shows it offers care services embedded in the clinical workflow. It removes the need for staff to deal with clunky and sluggish technology. The system emperors them by featuring innovative, web-based tools.

Using them, you and your employees can enhance the level of care provided. How it does so is quite simple to understand -by enabling you to focus your attention where it’s needed, And in your case, it’s on the patients. Equip your staff with hand-held gadgets to perform cumbersome patient-relevant tasks, like recording vitals without disrupting the clinical workflow.

Expanse Population Health

Expanse point of care service allows you to diagnose the way it’s meant to be. It nurtures a friendly environment with impressive technological advancements. With it, you can instantly tap into your patient portals via mobile apps, not needing to sit on heavy operational systems. Also, you can tackle intricate patient cases to get clarity of your treatment process.

The population health software readily allows you to manage the entire care journey with a flick of fingers. Identify the potential risk your patients are susceptible to by putting this tool into use. This service evaluates the patient’s records to present a clear picture of where they stand and takes action with patient registries. It helps with disease management and care coordination.

Expanse Virtual Assistant

Expanse also took a plunge into the remote care capability to benefit patients. This service specifically reached a boom during the Covid-19 outbreak. The demo of Meditech EHR purely highlights the golden points of its virtual care solution. It is not just an online interaction interface. Its services extend to vitals recording, data sharing, prescribing, and much more.

So, you can break past the location barriers to stay informed about your patient’s health. In a simplistic approach, you can consider it as a service that improves the standard of living. This on-demand service even allows viewing last-minute appointments. Patients can conveniently launch visits, verify their demographics, fill in pre-visit intake forms using the portal.

Expanse Consumer Health Portal

Meditech the top EHR software cares for the patient’s engagement and knows that it is vital to assure effective treatment. The Meditech EHR demo convinces care providers of its capability by showering light on its interactive consumer health portal. It is not a new concept; since the advent of the healthcare industry, patients have preferred transparency and convenience.

Meditech offers these services to gain clients’ loyalty, improving the revenue stream. Meditech EHR features a comprehensive portal that fits consumers’ lifestyles. The thing that captures patient attention is appointment scheduling, vaccine reminders, and connecting with specialists in charge. This portal even includes a Health tracker.

Expanse Patient Connect

Meditech Expanse knows the delicacy of the timely flow of patient information to patients and staff. To assure this, Meditech EHR features a patient connect to tool. We dived into its details to discover that the vendor claims to ensure patient communication at the speed of light. In simple words, it connects patients with patients in uncertain circumstances.

Being a web-hosted solution, the platform offers a two-way messaging portal. It makes it pretty simple for the patients to connect with their specialists. It’s not only associated with the messaging but includes appointment reminders, pre-registration, and guidelines for virtual visits. This way, it helps to reduce no-shows and improves overall revenue.

MeditechEHR Services Highlighted in The Reviews

High Availability SnapShot

Don’t let downtime events affect your care delivery. The best feature that makes Meditech rule over the world is its instant and uninterrupted access to clinical data. Providers can get their hands on vital patient data readily during unexpected events. This is an effective solution that assists practitioners in safeguarding the downtime as it compliments clinical workflow.

High Availability Snapshot empowers clinicians to leverage clinical data for enhanced care delivery. It is available on both cloud-based and mobile platforms of Meditech EHR as per client reviews. This instant access to patient’s demographic data, vital signs, medications, and immunization status spikes providers’ interest in this solution.

Expanse Now

Reviews illustrate how impressed users are with the intuitive mobile app of Meditech EHR software. It facilitates care providers to deal with patient records outside the office. The vendor knows that it doesn’t matter whether a physician is an in-office or out office. Physicians are always on-call delivering treatment. There’s no way to reduce this sense of burden.

But MeditechEHR reviews show it significantly helps reduce clinician’s workouts with its innovative mobile app. It is known for improving care standards, reducing clinician burnout, and enhancing patient satisfaction at the same time. In addition, it supports accessible formats to perform on-the-go clinical tasks. And this is how it has become one of the top-most rated features of MeditechEHR.


Basically, we have presented you with the seven best features and services of Meditech EHR. The crux of the Meditech EHR lies in its short demo tutorial. On the whole, it’s a pack of impressive clinical capabilities that streamlines practices and shapes the entire workflow. We talked about the crucial features of Meditech Expanse EHR.

From its patient care module to the population health one, we explained all the points adequately. However, the services presented under the reviews heading are the ones users laud the most. There’s no doubt about the clinical solutions offered by Meditech EHR. You can experience it yourself by setting up a demo.

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