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Types of Tub Pillow for Back and Head

Want to create a spa experience at home? Get a tub pillow and will explain how to achieve that and enjoy a relaxing spa moment in the bathtub. First of all follow the directives on how to attach the suction cup to its pillow, next get some good scented candles, and play some favorite tracks.

Next, get into the bathtub and immerse the whole body right up to the neck area. Slightly lie back gently and place the head on the bath pillow then relax. Have fun and enjoy the experience to the max. 

After being familiar with the advantages of the tub pillow for back and head, it is time to get one. The market is indeed saturated with several types of bathtub pillows which make it difficult to know the right one to pick. To make the right choice, below are some of the different types of comfortable bath pillows.

What are the different types of pillows currently on the market?  

Bath pillow filled with pearls  

The bath pillow filled with pearls will naturally align with the contour of the body, along with the shape of the neck and head. Pearls can aid in keeping the shape for a long period plus they are so soft and super comfortable which makes them a popular choice.

Inflatable bath pillow  

The inflatable bath pillow is another one that is popularly used in the market. They are made of air with warm or cold water depending on the client’s mood or wants. The amazing thing about the inflatable pillow is that the hardness can be adjusted to the user’s preference. For people who love to travel, make this pillow a steady travel buddy or best friend. Another thing that makes them likable is how they offer optimal comfort and how compact they are.

Bath pillows filled with jelly  

The fascinating thing about the jelly bath pillows is their structure which is similar to the structure of a jelly. Amazingly, if the user wants them to feel cold, they can be put in a refrigerator. They are fun to touch and play with – and are available in different colors,

Foam bath pillow  

In search of a soft bath pillow, then the foam bath pillow should be the idle pick. As compared to the other types of pillows out there, foam bath pillows are widely known for their softness. Some of the pillows are designed to have a longer lifespan as compared to others, it all depends on the user’s likes and preferences.

Bath pillow made of plastic 

The pillow is formulated with synthetic material and the amazing thing about it is that it is waterproof. With this pillow maximum comfort is guaranteed with a soft feeling accompanied to it. The pillow fully supports the head, back, and neck and they are also quite easy to clean. Why won’t people just love this pillow?

Final verdict

Though there are several types of bathtub cushion, they provide the same functions, what makes them, different is their design. Always make sure to buy the pillows from a reputable brand to ensure they are of the best quality. Check out the reviews of the pillow before buying to make sure they are of good quality or can soothe one’s taste.

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