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Nine Great Trendy Thanksgiving Gifts for 2021: Presents You Will be Proud to Give

When it comes to giving presents, Thanksgiving can be notoriously problematic. Most people look to bring gifts to those who are hosting them over the Thanksgiving period, but others go full-on with their efforts, especially if they are not going to see the recipients over the Christmas period.

Presents, over the holiday period tend to be very much focused on what might set off the thanksgiving meal off nicely, or as a way to simply say thanks to those who have offered up their home to you. 

It can be something of a minefield, and often the lack of a present of any kind can lead to a less than glorious Thanksgiving, and as such, we’d suggest you bring something just in case it’s expected. 

Here are a number of lovely surprise gifts you can bring over to make the holiday period a celebratory one, and not an occasion that’s filled with family disputes and arguments.

Personalized Jewelry 

This year, push the boat out. If you are spending your Thanksgiving with family members, you don’t see all that often, then surprise them with a classic name necklace. This would be ideal if you are staying with your parents; your mother’s eyes will light up with pride if you give her a name necklace that marks her grandchildren’s names. Such a present will lead to a smoother, more memorable holiday period. Get personalized jewelry at that is crafted beautifully with attention to detail.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

This is a great gift for whoever is on cooking duty. You can get a set of great indoor herbs, which they can grow and use for the following Thanksgiving. Get a nice mixture of herbs, such as basil, parsley, and others that are seasonal. It’s the perfect gift for the holidays and will actually come in very handy.

Thanksgiving Trivia Game

This is a present that will entertain everyone. There are many of these out there and can help make your Thanksgiving a breeze. It’s common during the holidays for there to be long periods of time while you are either waiting to eat or recovering from overindulging. A trivia game will help you pass the time, and it’s always a nice ice breaker for families who don’t spend much time with each other.

Upscale Leather Apron

For the chef of the house, to show you appreciation. You can get a lovely apron, which can either be dainty and classy or workmanlike, depending on who’s doing the cooking, perfect for the head of the kitchen as they try to keep themselves clean while making a succession of items in an increasingly messy kitchen. This kind of gift is a nice touch and shows you are aware of the hard work that the cook in the family is putting in. 

Nicely Scented Candles

To help balance the smells of a crowded house, a mixture of food, and whatever the kids have dragged in on their feet from the garden, you should give the host or hostess an excellent selection of scented candles. These can be Thanksgiving-themed for extra holiday cheer. 

Pampering Kit

Consider a gift that the hostess can enjoy after the whole family has left. This can take the form of a collection of scents and oils and some luxurious towels, or even a bathrobe. The idea here is to remind the relevant party that once the madness of the holidays is done, they can enjoy a relaxing time of it. She may well need it after all the hassle and preparation required to make a Thanksgiving meal for 12! 

Reclaimed Wood Cutting Board and Serving Platter

Give a genuinely green gift this Thanksgiving. Get them a wooden cutting board and serving platter made from reclaimed wood. It’s a nice earthy gift for those who are lovers of nature and also has the additional benefit of being environmentally aware. You can even have the wood-engraved with their name or the family surname for extra bonus points. This may be the manly gift that finally gets you some respect from your father-in-law. 

Cozy Weighted Blanket

This is perfect for the winter’s nights and the type of gift your host will love. The Thanksgiving period is synonymous with arguments and fights, and after it’s all done and dusted, the host may well want to just kick back with a glass of wine and relax under a soft weighted blanket, safe in the knowledge that they have 364 days before they need to do it all over again.

Classy 100% Linen Napkins

This kind of gift comes under the heading of ‘ideal and effective.’ Bringing the host a gift of high-quality linen napkins will go down well from both a decorative and functional perspective. These aren’t going to cost much either, so it’s a win/win thing. If they are Thanksgiving in terms of the color scheme or theme, even better. That way, you may see them pop up every year, safe in the knowledge that it was you who gifted them in the first place. 

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