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Park Seo Joon Family And Other Things You Need To Know

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One of the things that you need to know about the Park Seo Joon family is that they are very close. Seo Joon is the oldest brother and he takes his role seriously. He has two younger brothers and he takes care of them in many different ways. One of his brothers is married and has a two-year old daughter. His niece was the one who brought out the desire of Seo Joon to spend more time with his family. He recognizes that living alone can be lonely. Since Seo Joon is big on family, fans are predicting that he’ll be a good husband and father someday. Her future wife will surely be very lucky.

But who will be the lucky girl? That is the big question. It’s still not confirmed if Seo Joon is currently dating someone or not. But there are rumors. And there are also many girls who were associated with the popular in the past. One of these girls is Baek Jin Hee. The beautiful actress became a co-star of Seo Joon in Gold, Appear. In the series, the two played the role of newlyweds. Their chemistry and closeness sparked rumors that the two are dating in real life. It was even reported that Seo Joon moved into the actress’ neighborhood. They were also once seen wearing a couple’s jackets. But Seo Joon was the first to shut down the rumors. He said that the move was because there were no parking spots in his old place. He also said that the jackets were sponsored.

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Another girl that has been linked romantically to Seo Joon is Hyorin from SISTAR. He became close to the cute lady after Dream High 2. Hyorin is said to be close to Park Seo Joon family. His parents know the girl. One time, Seo Joon was spotted helping Hyorin when the latter hurt her leg. The two sure looked good together. In an interview, Seo Joon even referred to Hyorin as “my diva.” He also said that Hyorin is the closest female friend that he has. But are they going to be more than friends? Maybe only time will be able to tell.

What would it take for Park Seo Joon to fall for a girl? What is his type? For sure, the ladies out there would like to know the answers to these questions. He once said in an interview that he is attracted to girls with pretty hands. So if you want to have a chance with Seo Joon, you better take good care of your hands. He also said that he is attracted to girls with charming smiles. So maybe you can now practice smiling in front of a mirror just in case you have a chance meeting with Seo Joon. He also said that he cares a lot about first impressions. So if you have a chance to meet Seo Joon, you better put your best foot (or hand) forward. Most importantly, he is looking for a girl who can carry a good conversation.

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