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Reasons Why Should Your Business Use Instagram Stories

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These days, Instagram is one of the influential social media platforms that are storming the digital market. With the increasing trends, Instagram stories substantially changed the way businesses interact with their customers. Instagram stories are not only creative and fun, and also it is the best to increase brand awareness, enhance engagement and drive more sales. As understanding its power of marketing, many businesses are utilizing Instagram stories to grow their business. Instagram stories build a strong connection with your potential audience and grab the attention of new users. Therefore, creating the best Instagram stories for your business will scale up your business. Here, this guide helps you know why you should use Instagram Stories in your social media strategy.

Trollishly: Helps Businesses To Stay Top Of Mind

The main purpose of using Instagram stories is to fascinate the users and to increase engagement. It is a great weapon to stay on the customer’s mind. A mind-blowing story will influence followers to check your business profile and make them share your content. One efficient way to engage users is to post Instagram stories consistently. As these stories disappear in 24 hours, frequent posting will make sense to engage the users. And to stay top of mind, you can get assistance from one of the reliable service providers like Trollishly. Expert providers guide you on how to stay in your customer’s mind and help drive more sales.

Instagram Reaches Wider Audience

As businesses survey in this competitive digital market, it is searching for new ways to grow their audience. First, you have to decide which platform will uplift your business. As of now, Instagram is the right platform for businesses to enhance their brand awareness. It has included many new features to help businesses to grow their audience.

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Use Location Tags: If you want your brand or business discoverable locally and globally, consider geographic location tags to include on your Instagram stories. Tagging a business location is the best way to reach a potential audience.

Include Hashtag: Adding hashtags in your Instagram stories will enhance the visibility of your content and profile among the Instagram community. Like including hashtags in the comments or captions of regular posts, include it with your Instagram stories.

Improves Brand Visibility

Instagram stories appear on the top of your feed, and when the users open the Instagram app, it is the first thing the users get noticed. If you publish a new story, your followers will be notified, and it makes them want to see your regular Instagram post. But don’t limit it to one story per day. A recent study says that posting up to 5 stories per day will increase the retention rate by over 70%. Moreover, to improve your brand visibility, it is best to buy Instagram story views.

Instagram Engages Your Audience

There are millions of users on Instagram and to keep them engaged takes time and effort. However, you should understand the way to communicate with your potential audience to engage them efficiently. Luckily, Instagram has rolled out the Instagram story features, and it allows you to:

Set Up A Poll: Setting up polls is a great way to collect information about what your audience is looking for and review about your product. Instagram stories will interact with your audience and increase engagement.

Q & A Feature: Asking questions and allowing your users to ask questions effectively interact with your followers. Instagram stories the new ‘Ask me anything’ feature will help your users learn about your business.

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Tag Other People: As like tagging other users on Instagram posts in the feed, tag other users with Instagram stories. While tagging other brands, businesses or influencers will enhance your brand’s visibility. In addition, when you tag others, it will increase the chance of reposting your story, which ultimately maximizes your reach.

Post Behind The Scenes Videos

Always it is best to post something that is behind the scenes videos that will inform your followers about the products. For example, making a short story in your marketing plan will sneak peek at your planning. In addition, the behind the scenes videos will make your customer understand how the product could be part of everyday life and make them try your product.

Use Real-Time Marketing

Instagram stories are real-time marketing that helps you to get the clients to feedback in real-time. As to improve your marketing efforts, approach the top service provider like Trollishly to use the trending strategy focused on your business. It’s a sure way to bring customers attention and leverage your business.

Wrapping It Up

Considering these reasons, incorporate Instagram Stories into your social media marketing strategy to effectively grab the users’ attention and engage them with your business. Instagram stories have the capability to change the user’s behaviour, so use them to make your brand approachable and stay ahead of the competition.

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