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All Parlor Pizza was under an investigation by the police of The United States. This is due to the report that was found against the pizza parlor. Everyone is interested in knowing about the Parlor Pizza Owner. The investigation was initiated by a state tax and other taxes.

This article contains all the information that has been researched about the pizza parlor and its proprietor. Through this article, you’ll be able to learn more about the connected story to Chicago. In addition, learn how special agents ejected employees who did not show up for on time, according to CBS2 The article is worth reading to dispel any doubts.

About Parlor Pizza

Parlor Pizza is a restaurant which serves a wide range of pizzas, various other food items, and desserts of various varieties according to what customers want. Parlor Pizza is a restaurant where the Parlor Pizza owner provides a comfortable environment for all patrons. The owner and staff will welcome family and friends by presenting their own unique style. They also offer the seasonal menus on their menu, which is always enjoyable much. The discounts were also offered to customers at the most affordable price. Additionally, you will take pleasure in the desserts at this location.

Where and when will be the First Store of Parlor Pizza

Parlor Pizza opened its first in 2014 in the West Loop. Michael Bisbee and Tim Hendricks were the restaurant’s founders as well as the owner of Parlor Pizza have moved in 2016 to Wicker Park, in the year 2016 as well as River North in 2018. The restaurant serves families and groups, but at sunset, it turns into an entertainment venue. Bisbee and Hendricks were also the founders of LGN Group, responsible for numerous notable nightclubs during the decade of 2000, including Manor, Cedar Hotel, and RiNo. All the doors are locked.

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Why Was the Restaurant Raided?

The last time that the IRS, Chicago police, and FBI searched a restaurant in the manner of this was back in 2014 in which they IRS, Chicago police, and FBI stopped all Tony Hu’s Chinese restaurants which included the Lao Sze Chuan located in Chinatown as reported by the The owner of the Pizza Parlor and reported the incident that it was. Hu is a pioneering chef and culinary ambassador who was dubbed”the “Mayor of Chinatown,” was imprisoned for a year after pleading guilty tax-related offenses. However, he has since returned with a number of new restaurants.

Within the locations, several investigators were in attendance. They wore special jackets designed for agents. The department has said it is unable to make a statement since the investigation was ongoing. As per BACP, Parlor Pizza has an active business license and is in is in good standing with city officials.


The article details The Parlor Pizza Owner and the Parlor Pizza Ownerand the reason why all three locations of a pizza restaurant in Chicago were sacked. The Parlor was shut down, and the investigation into financial matters was conducted. This means that you’ll wish to learn more about the investigation into the Parlor in the next section.

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