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Who is Paul Whelan Paul Whelan is being held in prison. Is he guilty of any serious crime? Are you a former marine officer? Why was he given dishonorable dismissal? This article contains all information about Paul Whelan.

The United States government’s response to Paul Whelan’s arrest can also be found.

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Why was Whelan not accepted for the Prisoner’s Swap?

Paul Whelan wasn’t included in the recent prisoner swap with Russia. The US government speculated that Paul Whelan would be returned to Russia for Maria Butina, a Russian gun activist. In December 2018, she was detained in the US and returned to Russia in October 2019.

Benny Johnson posted on Twitter that President Biden selected Brittney Grinner to be in the prisoner swap for Paul Whelan.

Whelan clarifies the matter

Whelan, an Ex- Marineofficer stated that he was visiting Russia to attend a friend’s wedding and that he knew the flash drive contained photos from holidays he had taken.

Who’s Paul Whelan?

Paul Whelan was raised in Canada by a British family. He then moved to the USA as a child. According to military records, Paul Whelan was a Marine Corps veteran in 1994. In the 2000s, he was an IT project manager at Kelly Services Company.

In 2004, he was again in the Marines, and in 2006, he was discharged. Paul was dismissed from the Marines in 2008 for his Bad conduct. Because he was convicted of cheque bounce and attempted theft, his rank was reduced to corporal. Below are the links to social media accounts.

Details on Whelan’s professional career

According to several reports, Paul Whelan was a Kelly services employee after his dishonorable discharge. He received a promotion in 2010 and continued serving the company. He left the company in 2016 and became director of global security for a US-based firm.

It was a distributor of automobile components. It stated that they didn’t have any Russian facilities.

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Whelan is in prison

Paul Whelan was taken into custody by the Federal Security Service of Russia at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow on 28th December 2018. He is currently facing charges of 16 year imprisonment under IK-17 penal colony in the Mordovia area, east Moscow.

Russian investigators claim that Paul Whelan was a spy for military intelligence, and holds the rank of Colonel. The evidence shows that he was captured with a flash drive containing highly classified information.

Social media


Paul Whelan’s relatives slam the US government for the Prisoner’s Swap and why they chose Brittney Grinner to replace Whelan.

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