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Viktor Bout Reddit :- Read Full Details!

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Viktor Bout Reddit has details about an arms dealer who was part of a recent swap agreement between America and Russia.

Are you familiar with the details of the prisoner swap between Russia and America? Do you want to know more about the Russian prisoner known as “the merchant of death?” Viktor Bout was discussed on social media by netizens from Canada as well as the United States.

The United Kingdom social media users also discussed the merits of releasing notorious criminals to citizens. Viktor Bout Reddit has details about this swap story as well as the gun dealer Bout.

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Viktor Bout released in Prisoner Swap Deal

Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer and translator before the collapse of the Soviet Union, was also a translator. Bout began smuggling arms across Eastern Europe to Africa and the Middle East after the Soviet Union collapsed.

America made a deal with Russia to swap Viktor Bout in exchange for Brittney Griner, a basketball player.

Viktor Bout Wiki Nickname , Age, Bio

Viktor Bout Familie/ Wife :

Media reports claim that Bout was originally from Ukraine but became Russian after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Bout’s mother is Raisa Bout. However, not much information is available about his father.

Alla Bout is his wife and he has a daughter, Elizaveta Bout. It was difficult to find exact information about Bout because he kept moving around between countries.

Viktor Bout Net Worth :

Bout obtained weapons from countries such as Australia and Germany and supplied them to warlords across Africa. The agency had to change his company name several times, making it difficult to identify him.

Bout supplied a variety of arms, including rocket launchers and surface-to-air missiles. His illegal and smuggling activities enabled him to accumulate a fortune of approximately $50 million.

Prisoner Exchange Deal:

The Russian authorities always supported Viktor Bout and opposed his extradition to America. In June, the negotiations for the swap deal were completed. Brittney Griner was to be exchanged for Viktor Bout. Paul Whelan was also to be swapped.

The swap took place in the United Arab Emirates. Both prisoners were accompanied by a plane from Washington, Moscow and Washington. Paul was not released from Russia and is currently serving his sentenceof 16 year in a Russian prison.

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