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Pedestal Marble Tables That Make Your Home Look Fancy

Want to make your home look more elegant? Here’s an easy idea – consider getting pedestal marble tables. A pedestal table has a round or rectangular top and a single-column support structure. This kind of table offers stability and can accommodate more people around it than traditional four-legged tables.

Why think about buying one of our beautiful marble tables? It’s because they have a timeless beauty and charm. Marble looks naturally stunning and always stays in style, making these tables really special. Our lovely tables with marble tops on pedestals can make any room look more inviting. But, finding the perfect design for your room can be tricky because there are so many fancy choices. We’re here to help you pick the marble pedestal table that fits what you need. These tables are great for many places in your home like where you eat, relax, next to your bed, and other spots.

Key Features of Our Pedestal Marble Tables:

Everlasting Grace:

Marble pedestal tables are like the classic treasures in your house that always look stylish. They keep their elegance and fancy look, no matter the current trends. The natural beauty of marble, with its cool patterns and smooth surface, brings a timeless chicness that’s always in. Whether your house looks very modern or leans towards a classic vibe, these tables blend in perfectly and leave a memorable mark.

Flexibility in Design:

These tables are known for how well they can fit into many looks. Because you can find them in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs, marble pedestal tables work with any decorating style. You can choose from traditional round ones to modern square or rectangular ones. There are even faux marble tables for those who like to mix things up. 


Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, a marble pedestal table is a wise purchase. Marble is known for being tough and durable. Unlike other materials that might lose their look or go out of style, a well-cared-for marble table can last forever and even make your home more valuable.

Low Maintenance:

Despite what some might think, marble is actually easy to look after. With just simple care and regular cleaning, marble pedestal tables can stay beautiful for ages. By avoiding things that could stain and using mild cleaners, you can make sure your table remains a practical and stylish part of your daily life.

Different Types of Pedestal Marble Tables:

Round Pedestal Marble Tables:

Round pedestal marble tables are easy to use and great for making more room. They come with three supports at the corners that hold up a marble top. These tables make any space welcoming for various activities, whether it’s sharing a meal or having fun with friends.

Square Pedestal Marble Tables:

These tables are perfect for anyone who enjoys a contemporary style and can be used as stylish coffee tables or as standout features in dining spaces.

Oval Pedestal Marble Dining Tables:

Oval pedestal tables, also called Swanegg marble pedestal tables, blend the elegance of round tables with a slightly longer shape. They’re versatile, fitting well in formal dining rooms, living rooms, and even more casual spaces. They can handle different ways of arranging seats around them.

Rectangular Pedestal Marble Dining Tables:

Rectangular pedestal give your living space a cool edge because they’re not round like the typical ones. They are ideal for large events, facilitate seating arrangements, and offer an appealing touch. Rectangular pedestal tables also known as Squaresoft marble pedestal tables.

Dual Pedestal Marble Dining Tables:

Dual pedestal tables add a touch of lavishness with their two additional columns for support. These are frequently seen in luxurious eateries. They stand out in larger dining areas because of their bold, symmetrical design.

Advantages of Pedestal Marble Tables:

Open Corners:

Pedestal tables are great for small areas because they don’t have corners. This design lets you fit more chairs around the table than you could with a regular table. It’s awesome for people who enjoy hosting dinners for family and friends. You can use the whole area for seating without table legs getting in your way.

Luxurious Base:

Another plus of choosing a pedestal table is how fancy the base looks. The base often has a unique and sometimes intricate design that boosts the table’s look and adds elegance to your room. It’s not just practical; it becomes a focal point that catches the eye and makes your space look even better.

Additional Benefits of Pedestal Marble Tables provided by OIXDESIGN:

Marble boasts reliability and durability, and OIXDESIGN enhances features further with Swift Assembly, Easy Move, Mobility, and Portability. OIXDESIGN provides customers with the following additional advantages

  • All products are eco-friendly.
  • Free delivery is provided after a purchase.
  • Furniture is prefabricated for convenience.
  • Tables feature modern technology with a wireless charger.
  • Marble furniture serves as an intriguing interior accent in various spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why are pedestal marble tables so expensive?

Pedestal marble tables are costly because quality marble itself is expensive, making these tables requires skilled work, and marble is heavy, which makes moving it difficult. Also, each piece of marble is unique, adding to its luxury look and feel, and marble isn’t always easy to find, which all add up to make these tables more expensive.

  1. Do pedestal marble tables come in different colors and patterns?

 Pedestal marble tables come in a variety of designs and colors. Many designs are available, from sleek black options for a modern touch to faux marble for an elegant feel and even uncommon options like green marble. These tables offer versatility in color and pattern to easily complement various interior styles, whether used as dining tables or coffee tables.

  1. Are pedestal marble tables kid-friendly and resistant to scratches?

Pedestal marble tables are generally not considered scratch-resistant, especially when subjected to sharp or abrasive objects. It’s recommended to use protective items like placemats and educate children about the importance of handling the table with care to prevent scratches. 


To wrap it up, marble pedestal tables bring together timeless beauty and adaptable design. As we’ve looked at different types and important aspects of these tables, we see they come in many colors like black, white, and green. They’re flexible in style, ranging from classic round shapes to modern rectangular ones. Even though these tables with marble tops might be pricey, they are worth it for anyone wanting to give their home a lasting and stylish upgrade. The charm of marble pedestal tables guarantees a look that never goes out of fashion, boosting your home’s elegance and adding a bit of luxury.


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