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Physion Massage Gun- A vibration therapy

Massage guns are electronic gadgets that massage therapists frequently employ to alleviate pain and enhance blood circulation. They accomplish this by using a massage cannon head to generate vibrations that are administered to the skin. Massage guns aren’t just about vibrations, though. Massage guns, unlike high-end foam rollers that include some form of vibration therapy, provide something more substantial. Then, physion massage gun is a must.

This article explains how massage guns function, how to use as well as their advantages. Let’s first explore further to know more about specifications.


While buying a physion massage gun, here are some specifications that are breathtakingly exceptional in the market. Have a look at the specifications.

  • 30 Speeds (Up to 5,000 Strokes/Min)
  • Ultra-Quiet Motor Technology
  • Ultra Lightweight (Less Than 2.5KG)
  • Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life
  • Extended Handle for Extra Reach

How do they work?

Percussive treatment is one of the most recent findings in athletic rehabilitation.  Muscle knots, the most prevalent source of back and medial epicondylitis, are relieved by this action.

It also has the ability to reach musculotendinous layers than a shaft or ungloved hands. Percussive therapy, unlike typical massage, desensitises the area around your sore muscle until the pulses penetrate the target location.

It alleviates the excruciating agony we often feel when the therapist applies too much pressure to a strained muscle. It’s similar to getting the benefits of a deep tissue massage without discomfort. Who wouldn’t want something like that?

Benefits of Physion Massage Gun:

Massage guns, when used properly, especially by a massage therapist, can help the body release dopamine and serotonin. These two substances are in charge of happiness and relaxation in the body. However, you must know where to strike and with how much pressure to apply.

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem, especially in today’s world. Because there is so much to accomplish, we have to deal with unpredictable sleeping habits on a regular basis. We won’t go into detail about how much sleep you need, but we will say that sleep is essential for focus, alertness, cardiovascular health, and cognitive performance.

White blood cells and other immunity elements are able to circulate across bodily tissue more effectively as a result of better circulation, potentially enhancing the body’s immunological response in times of stress.

Because percussive massage therapy can help to increase circulation and reduce stress, your brain is more likely to retain a healthy level of oxygen and alertness. Maintaining a good sensation of focus usually requires adequate oxygen and attentiveness.

Massage guns are portable sports rehabilitation tools, so you may use them whenever you want. It’s available to you at all times, whether you’re at the gym straight after a workout or late at night. 

Muscles that are more flexible are less prone to injuries and discomfort than those that are rigid. Your posture and balance will improve as a result of your increased flexibility. Sweet!A healthier immune system and increased metabolism result from a better lymphatic system. Isn’t that a positive chain reaction?


Are you a good candidate for percussive therapy?

Professional athletes, CrossFitters, gym fanatics, and others who simply want to push themselves beyond their limits while recovering quickly can benefit from percussive treatment. Massage guns are very beneficial when you have one of the following frequent injuries:

Muscle soreness, sciatica, shin splints, muscle cramps, and spasms are all symptoms of muscle soreness.

Is it safe to use percussive therapy?

Percussive therapy is a safe muscle rehabilitation treatment unless you are one of the people listed above who should avoid using a massage gun. To be on the safe side, see a medical specialist if you’re unsure.

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Is it usual for my skin to turn pink or red following treatment?

After the treatment, the area where the massage gun is utilized is usually a little red or pink because of the dilation in blood vessels “If the tissue is getting pretty red really quickly, you’ve got a lot of blood flow in there,” says Josh Shadle, a trained massage therapist and injury specialist.

He suggests relocating the gun to a different location because your skin can become painful and you might get a bruise. one must stop and consult a doctor if your skin has been red and inflamed for longer than usual.

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