Planning Summer Break: 5 Student-Friendly Airlines to Choose From

Finding the right airline might be as hard as finding the right online assignment helper. There are too many options to consider. But, like AssignmentMaster, there are many student-friendly companies collegegoers can rely on. Certain airlines make international and domestic flights more affordable, leaving more money to enjoy vacations. Let’s discuss the top five to choose from.

American Airlines

This carrier is a good choice for students looking for destinations in Florida, Hawaii, or Nevada. It offers various promotions, discounts, and sales to collegegoers. Students who plan their trips should browse tickets now for more favorable prices. There are several things they need to take advantage of this opportunity:

  1. Have a valid college or university ID.
  2. Find their institution listed on the company website.
  3. Become a member of the AAdvantage program.
  4. Book tickets at least ten months in advance.

If everything goes right, it’s possible to cut the ticket price by 10-20%. Signing up for the AAdvantage program also notifies participants about upcoming discount flights. This lets students plan future vacations and develop a habit of booking trips in advance.

Turkish Airlines

This airline has nice coverage on the East and West coasts. Most flights travel to various airports across Turkey. Students may enjoy the views of Ankara and Istanbul or spend their vacation away from the main tourist hubs. It’s also possible to use Turkey as a starting point for a European journey. Maybe spend a week touring Germany, Italy, and France.

International flights receive a discount of 10%, while domestic ones are 20% off. In both cases, students must register with the Miles&Smiles program. Turkish Airlines clients can also change their booking once free of charge. Some of the flights allow students to carry up to 40 kg of baggage onto the planes. They also get 25% additional miles per flight.

Singapore Airlines

Students can’t always board their planes due to various circumstances. This often ruins their vacation plans and eats up a good chunk of the budget. Singapore Airlines’ travel policy may save them a lot of tears and stress. Students need to register with the KrisFlyer program and provide a college ID.

Once this is done, collegegoers enjoy a lifetime of benefits. They are able to take up to 40 kg of baggage on most flights. Singapore Airlines also allows changing ticket dates several times with no extra fees. One may spend their next vacation in Japan or the city-state of Singapour. All economy or premium economy tickets come with a 10% discount.


While the airline caters more to wealthier customers, students may take advantage of its discount policies. Emirates reduces the price of tickets for all collegegoers by 10%. It also lets them take an extra 10 kg of baggage on their trips. Many flights outside the USA leave for Dubai, but there are other options when you get to the United Arab Emirates:

  • China;
  • Japan;
  • Australia;
  • South Korea;
  • New Zealand.

The ticket prices vary depending on where you’ll spend the summer break. In all cases, students need to verify their status. A photo of their ID or acceptance letter will give them access to a promo code for the next flight.

Qatar Airways

This airline has flights in a dozen US airports, with most going to the country’s capital of Doha. From there, US collegegoers may travel to various Asian and European cities. Their trips can be more affordable thanks to the Student Club — that’s part of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club. Verified collegegoers can take advantage of several perks.

They get a 10% initial discount that goes up to 15% after the first flight. This number rises to 20% after the second and third trips. Students also get to change the ticket date once for free and take 10kg more with them. After graduation, one becomes a member of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club. This way, the airline retains them as loyal customers.

Final Thoughts

US students don’t have the best budgets to spend their summer breaks in comfort. Flying with any of these airlines will make their trips more affordable. Hopefully, they’ll visit many places, which will change their view of things and provide new exciting experiences.

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