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Plant-Based Documentaries to Watch

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There are various great documentaries and movies that look at plant-based lifestyles from different angles. Whether you are looking to improve your health, reduce your environmental footprint or increase compassion towards animals, sooner or later you will stumble upon information showing that plant-based diets offer benefits in all three of these areas.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best documentaries out there that you should watch. Most of these are available on either Netflix or Amazon, or they can be purchased online.

Forks Over Knives

In this list, Forks Over Knives stands out as the documentary that mostly revolves around the topic of diet and health. Experts such as Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Campbell are featured. 

Their work in the field of chronic disease prevention and reversal has sparked an interest in a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet, and in Forks Over Knives you will get a great overview of their insights.

In addition, the documentary discusses reasons why it is difficult to change dietary habits. A must-watch for those who want to switch to a Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle.

The Game Changers

The image of a plant-based diet has been perhaps a little bit boring, as the movement is mostly led by scientists that speak to a certain audience. Until The Game Changers came out!

The documentary revolves around plant-based diets and athleticism and discusses various topics such as how plant-based diets can help speed up recovery from injury and reduce the recovery time after a high-intensity workout, race or match. It even goes into more edgy topics such as the impact of plant-based diets on erectile function.

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Popular figures such as Novak Djokovic, Lewis Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all been involved in the making of The Game Changers, and as such speaks to a different audience than the other documentaries listed in this article.


Cowspiracy leans into the environmental impact of the current lifestyles of human beings, in particular dietary lifestyles that include the consumption of animals. It discusses issues such as global warming and water shortage, and presents facts and figures that will probably blow your mind.

Many people have switched to a plant-based diet after watching Cowspiracy, since it puts many people into a reflective state.

If you understand that the making of a beef burger requires the same amount of water as a person´s water usage from showers for a couple of months, it is bound to lead to contemplations. Cowspiracy is filled with such insights.


Seaspiracy can be seen as the sequel to Cowspiracy, and looks at some of the current (2021) issues related to animal exploitation in particular. Similar to Cowspiracy, it offers a view from various angles and baffles the viewer with fact after fact.

One such insight is the way sustainability labels are given to animal products. In many cases, shady practices occur that are all but sustainable. Another must-watch for those who want to transition to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle.

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