Plytix To Empower Ecommerce SMBs with Free Product SEO Webinar

This product SEO webinar was presented by industry experts on June 16, 2022 

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Plytix invited small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) in the ecommerce industry to attend their free virtual product SEO workshop on June 16. During the workshop, attendees could learn from product SEO insights presented by industry experts. This webinar was designed to help SMBs to increase their brand and product awareness without spending a fortune on Google Ads. 

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Plytix is a Product Information Management (PIM) system that was built for small-to-medium sized ecommerce companies by Morten Poulsen and Alex Lopez. This PIM system is used to manage and syndicate product information at scale, and across multiple sales channels. In turn, this single source of truth allows businesses to get their products to market faster and more easily.  

“It used to be said that PIM is only for established enterprises, but we beg to differ,” says Morten Poulsen. “We believe that the little guys with smaller budgets have been deprived of technologies that are no longer just nice to have but, rather, essential for collaboration and efficiency. To solve this problem, we’ve built a PIM system that is user-friendly, one that everyone can afford.”  

Plytix is an ideal collaboration tool for ecommerce businesses that sell products on more than one platform. With this PIM, businesses can upload all their product information to one place then upload it to the different platforms where they sell these products. In this way, product teams can optimize their content for ranking and project one cohesive product catalog to all their online channels. 

The Plytix team believes it is their responsibility to give back to the community that supports them. To this end, they’ve developed a Plytix Social Responsibility (PSR) program to empower the small-to-medium ecommerce community by giving back through PSR events. This FREE virtual product SEO workshop is a component of the PSR program designed to help SMBs improve their product visibility on search engines without spending money on paid advertising. 

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About 70% of searches on search engines are organic, meaning that the search results are not paid for. That creates a massive untapped potential for ecommerce businesses to market their products and services without paid ads. The insights shared by industry experts at the Plytix Product SEO Workshop equipped businesses with the knowledge they need to implement and benefit from this free marketing. 

Businesses can also connect with Plytix on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

About Plytix 

Plytix is a Product Information Management (PIM) system that is designed for small-to-medium sized ecommerce companies. The platform is built to help businesses manage and syndicate product information at scale and across multiple sales channels. By allowing product teams to collaborate, Plytix is enabling businesses to build cohesive product catalogs that can be used across all their online platforms. This solution allows businesses to get their products to market faster. 

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