Pro Tips to Get Perfect Hair Straightening!

Your hair is your crown and it’s our duty to make this crown more attractive and glowing. It reflects your personality and beautifully styled hair can make you look strikingly attractive. For someone having bad frizzy hair, getting sleek, straight, and healthy hair is like solving a difficult algebraic equation.

Now, if you are tired of the old-school boring hairstyle like me, then you ring the right bell, as today we are going to discuss multiple pro tips to get perfect hair straightening. Firstly, switch up your look and transform your frizzy curly hair into shiny straight hair with professional hair straightners available at Olla Bella without causing any unnecessary damage.

  1. Prep for Straight Hair in the Shower.

If you want proper straight hair then you have to begin this in the shower. Let me clear you one thing, no shampoo or conditioner will give you straight hair, except the one labelled as smoothing. Dried and brittle hair is the enemy of straight hair, because of these two points the hair won’t lie flat.

So before washing your hair, take a wooden brush and comb your hair in the direction of upwards to downwards and then rinse it properly. Also, don’t you dare dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel like crazy, as it will enhance your curls rather then make it sleek.

  • Rough Dry Your Hair.

In this hurried world, everyone opts for a blow dryer to dry hair, but this is one of the most damaging machines for your beautiful hair. As we all have less time for ourselves, so people use a blow dryer in the wrong way because of which their hair becomes frizzy. Always keep the nozzle facing downwards while blow drying your hair, it will give perfect direction and didn’t make it brittle. Rest, after drying you can also apply a few hair products for best results.

  • Always choose the right brush.

Some people think that brush has no role to play in straightening, but they are wrong. Always use a nylon or wooden brush as it cause static on its own and doesn’t make the hair frizzy. The boar bristle combs are the best if you want to make your hair straight. Boar bristle brushes are made from the hair of wild pigs known as boars. Here the question is why the hairs of a pig and not another animals? Because, boar hair is similar in structure to human hair and shares the common hair protein, Keratin.

  • Use a Thermal or Heat Protectant.

We can’t maintain the outside temperature as per our suitability so we have to use some heat resistance product to maintain our shiny hair. If you want to sizzle then opt for Living Proof’s Straight Spray as it coats the hair with a molecule patented as OFPMA, sets them and protects them up to 450 degrees and resists humidity.

  • Monitor the temperature of the Flat Iron.

Do not expose your hair to very hot temperatures as it will burn your hair and make them double-headed. Earlier 450 degrees temperature was used by salon professionals for keratin treatment but now because of the hurry world, consumers also set their iron at this temperature.

You can set your iron at 450 degrees for coarse hair but fine, damaged or color-treated hair, the safe temperature is 300 to 350 degrees.

  •  Points to remember before the beginning of straightening!
  • Take one inch at a time. Each time when your divide your hair into two big groups, go for the one-inch formula. Take one inch of hair from the back and then straighten the front hair.
  • Always hold your hair taut, which means while straightening you should stretch your hair tightly and then pull the iron downwards starting from the root.
  • After ending the whole process add some finishing products like hair spray to resist frizz and add glamour.
  • Tools that should be present in a perfect hair kit!

Before purchasing any hair straightening kit, you must check out the below-mentioned tools in the kit.

  • Hair Iron
  • Clips for easy sectioning
  • Nylon or wooden hair brush
  • Hair Dryer
  • Flat Rollers.

An Important Tip for your mind-blowing hair!

There are some heat-free ways to achieve this hair straightening technique, so check it out and save your crown!

  • Blow dry your hair with cold air.
  • Wrap your hair properly with long bobby pins.
  • Use products meant to have straight and smooth hair.
  • Sleep with wet hair.
  • Apply essential oils in the proper direction.

Hence, you can follow the above-mentioned tips if you want glossy, shiny hairs and also stay in touch for more fashionable updates!

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