Puzzle table for making a comfortable jigsaw puzzle

For those who like puzzles, it is the ultimate luxury. Our puzzle tables are fully adjustable so that you can find the most comfortable and comfortable position – the height of the work surface can be changed with the angle of inclination. You can read how to customize tables for other uses on our Jigsaw Tables page but read on to find out how to use them as jigsaw tables.

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Why do I need a table specifically for puzzles?

You see people jigsaw puzzles in the most impossible places – extra rooms, garages, bedrooms (surprisingly often), offices, kitchens, and even bathrooms. There are no comfortable chairs anywhere that you can almost guarantee.

Jigsaw table

If it’s not bad enough, you can be sure that there will be no suitable surfaces – they will be too high, too low, too slippery, too rough, too loose, or too wet! Add to that the fact that room temperature may not be what you would like, and a slight fondness for the puzzle can quickly turn into a health risk.

Why do people seem to deliberately find hospitable places for puzzles? They almost certainly could be “out of the way” and “not bothering everyone else.” You can understand the logic, because, without a small organization, the puzzle can quickly occupy a house that leaves little room for anything else.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Alibaba puzzle tables take up little space in your favorite house and, when not used for puzzles, can be used for other hobbies and everyday things such as eating, reading, and writing. When the table is pulled up to you in the arms of your favorite chair, you can sit behind you and create your own jigsaw puzzle from the contents of your heart without fear of back pain, muscle pain, or obstruction.

Why do I need a jugboard?

The jigsaw puzzle and our folding tables are designed to match, and if you do not have a jigsaw puzzle, we recommend that you do not use the jigsaw puzzle table. Note that each jig sort comes with a jig board. Alibaba puzzle tables can be used in conjunction with any of our jigboards, from 500 pieces (500 pieces) to 2,000 pieces (2000 pieces). Please note that if you are using a table with either a large board (Zigboard 1500 or Zigboard 2000) and small hands, you may need to reach out to reach the top of the board!

Customize your puzzle

The puzzle table has only two adjustments, but they will make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the puzzle.

First, you change the height of the table surface with two small “clips” on the legs of the table – people usually find it the most comfortable position when the table extends beyond the top of their knees by only one or two inches.

Second, you tilt the surface of the table so that you can comfortably get to the edge of the puzzle – a simple curved knot at the bottom of the table will then lock everything.

Once you try to figure out this amazingly comfortable position, you’ll understand why you don’t see the artist paint on a flat table!

Visit the Alibaba website to learn more about puzzle table.

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