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Pvu Timetable Market Position of PVU Token

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You can now get rid of the confusion caused by the regular changes of Pvu timetable after maintenance . You will be able to enjoy the game quickly.

Are you aware of what PVU is? Do not think of it as the code for the station from Paravur located in India. The PVU that we’re talking about is the game known as Plant vs. Undead. If you’re acquainted with cryptocurrency sector and have a good understanding of the game, it should not be a brand new concept to you, as it is growing in global acceptance.

In this article on Pvu Timetable, we’ve provided all the details about the most played game.

What exactly is Plant and. Undead?

There are a variety of methods to earn money in the world of cryptocurrency including games like NFT games are among the most popular. Plant against. Undead is also such game that allows players to earn while they play.

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. When you play NFT games on various blockchains it is possible to earn these kinds of coins and tokens. Plant Vs. Undead is a farming game in which the player is that of a farmer. the currency in game is used to buy seeds on the market.

The Pvu Timetable is essential for farming Every player needs to know it in order to participate in the game. The placement of the plants must be planned as they are crucial to the game.

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Market Position of PVU Token

  • Prices in the Market: price of PVU Tokens on the market at present is $4.05
  • Price Changes in the span of the space of 24 hours. The cost of PVU has decreased by 15.7 percent.
  • Market Cap: $60,695,481
  • Total Supply: 300,000,000
  • Maximum Supply: 300,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 14,942,213
  • Fully Diluted Value: $1,218,604,206
  • Trade Volume: $37,118,132
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About PVU Timetable

When playing the Plant vs. Undead game players or farmers can perform their farming tasks at a specific period of time. It doesn’t matter if you want to plant seeds from scratch or water your plants or complete other farm chores that require you adhere to the time slot.

The players are split into a few groups and each group gets a slot of 30 minutes in which to take part in the game.

  • Batch 1: 23:24, 4:24, 9:24, 14:24, 19:24
  • Batch 2: 23:54, 4:54, 9:54, 14:54, 19:54
  • Batch 3: 00:24, 5:24, 10:24, 15:24, 20:24

You can see that each slot in the The Pvu timetable is in intervals five hours it is only necessary to keep in mind the first slot in order to figure out the next slot easily.

  • Batch 4: 00:54
  • Batch 5: 1:24
  • Batch 6: 1:54
  • Batch 7: 2:24
  • Batch 8: 2:54
  • Batch 9: 3:24
  • Batch 10: 3:54

Determine Your Batch

To be able to follow the plan to follow the schedule, you need to be aware of the batch number. In the current version the batch number will be displayed in the display. The previous versions of the game the players had to go through the slots for each batch to find the batch number. Here, you can find the additional information regarding PVU. .

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You have to adhere to all the rules of Pvu Timetable as well as your batch number in order to gain an account in the game. This game Plant vs. Undead is an enjoyable opportunity to earn some cash. If you’re a participant and you have played, please share your experience with us via your comments down below.

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