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Rare prototypes of the original Apple watch appeared

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Launching of the first Apple Watch was in the year 2015. However, before the launch of the original model, Apple worked on the layout for many years. Among each new device, Apple produces multiple prototypes, and today, some of the original ‌Apple Watch‌ prototypes made an appearance on the internet.

As foreground by Vice Media, prototype representative Giulio Zompetti has let out some photos of a couple of ‌Apple Watch‌ prototypes from his collection. All of them look alike to the first ‌Apple Watch‌ that at the launching by Apple introduced, however, carrying some special characteristic in design and sensor arrangement.

Zompetti mentioned the ‌Apple Watch‌ prototypes came from e-waste amenities. As of now all of them are broken, but the key elements are unhurt and it is within reach of repairing. His idea is to fix the watches, then sell them afterwards.

A few of those Apple watches carry a unique logo, which formerly found on iPhone prototypes. The watches have certain labels proposing them to be authentic like the serial numbers and QR codes seen on other Apple prototypes.

The photos initially displayed on Twitter by Zompetti in the previous month. It has always been a pleasure to watch Apple’s prior work on well-known devices.

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