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Reading the Jack Reacher Books in Order

When reading Jack Reacher, you can find many of the books available but not in chronological order. Still, you can read them in any order you like, but if you want to make sense of the books or need direction, you can read them in the following order here.

Jack Reacher: Who Is He?

Jack is a fictional protagonist of stories written by Lee Child, a British author published since 1997. In the books, you follow Jack Reacher a former United States Army Military Police Corps Majors travels through the United States. He helps people that fall into mysteries, webs, and complications.

Reading the Jack Reacher Books in Order

Killing Floor

Jack Reacher passes through Margrave in Georgia and finds himself arrested for murder. But, unfortunately, all that he knows is that he is innocent, and the chance of convincing others is hard.

Die Trying

Jack witnesses a kidnapping of a woman in Chicago during daylight. But as he is in the wrong place at the wrong time, he is also kidnapped with her. The group demands an impossible ransom. So, of course, Reacher needs to plan to rescue them both, even if dying when trying.


In Key West, a stranger shows up asking for Jack Reacher. So, of course, he has loads of questions when the guy turns up dead. But, unfortunately, all the answers lead to a dead-end back in New York as his past catches up with him.

Running Blind

Also known as The Visitor is about Jack Reacher trying to find a clever killer leaving no clues across the country for women murdered.

Echo Burning

In the book, Reacher catches a ride to Texas and ends up with a mother in an abusive marriage. Reacher contents to help Carmen as she has a young daughter, but things do not go as planned when she is arrested for murdering her husband.

Other Reacher Books to Read:

·        Without Fail

·        Persuader

·        The Enemy

·        One Shot

·        The Hard Way

·        Bad Luck and Trouble

·        Nothing to Lose

·        Gone Tomorrow

·        61 Hours

·        Worth Dying For

·        The Affair

·        A Wanted Man

·        Never Go Back

·        Personal

·        Make Me

·        Night School

·        The Midnight Line

·        Past Tense

·        Blue Moon

·        The Sentinel

·        Better off Dead

Reading Jack Reacher in Chronological Order

Now if you want to read the Jack Reacher book series in chronological order we have you covered. There are some short stories included.

1.      Second Son (short story)

2.      High Heat (novella)

3.      Deep Down (short story)

4.      Small Wars (short story)

5.      The Enemy

6.      Night School

7.      James Penney’s New Identity (short story)

8.      The Affair

9.      Killing Floor

10.   Die Trying

11.   Tripwire

12.   Running Blind

13.   Echo Burning

14.   Without Fail

15.   Persuader

16.   One Shot

17.   The Hard Way

18.   Bad Luck and Trouble

19.   Nothing to Lose

20.   Guy Walks into a Bar (short story)

21.   Gone Tomorrow

22.   61 Hours

23.   Worth Dying For

24.   A Wanted Man

25.   Everyone Talks (short story)

26.   Never Go Back

27.   Not a Drill (short story)

28.   Personal

29.   Good and Valuable Consideration (short story)

30.   Make Me

31.   Maybe they Have a Tradition (short story)

32.   Too Much Time (short story)

33.   Faking a Murderer (short story with Temperance Brennan)

34.   The Midnight Line

35.   Past Tense

36.   The Fourth Man (short story)

37.   Cleaning the Gold (short story with Will Trent)

38.   Smile (short story)

39.   Blue Moon

40.   The Sentinel

41.   Better Off Dead

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