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Real followers in Instagram – how to get and attract them quickly

Subscribers in Instagram for free – an opportunity to increase the popularity of the page among other social network accounts, a way to earn on advertising. It is possible to make a lot of new subscribers in a live way and with the use of special programs.

Only well-known personalities have no problems with subscriptions, other users of the social network have to use certain methods of recruitment. When recruiting, it is important to be careful, otherwise there is an increased risk of losing the account due to a violation of the rules of the social network.

5 simple ways to get a lot of followers on instagram fast

Everyone wants to have more followers, a larger audience of potential customers to sell their products on instagram. I’m going to tell you 5 ways to increase your followers:

1. Give Away.

Today is probably the fastest way to get followers on instagram. In other words – these are big draws in which several accounts participate (mostly popular bloggers – opinion leaders) and draw prizes among their subscribers.

For example, an iphone is raffled off and in order to get it you have to subscribe to a certain number of accounts. These pages are advertisers, who pay money for participation in the guide. This money is used to buy an iphone, and the rest of the money is left to the blogger. Instagram followers are just as important as views or likes on YouTube. At Lowcostsmm – it’s easy to find all of these services at low prices.

The scheme works, the advertisers get subscribers, the blogger gets a reward. However, subsequently, about 20% of subscribers who signed up for the contest start unsubscribing. And the quality of the audience may not always be satisfactory since subscribers sign up mostly because of the giveaways. That is why only a small part of your subscribers might become your target audience after the gif.

Carefully study gif offers, reviews and cases of previous gifs and don’t take expensive gifs right away. Start with small ones, such as $50-$100.

2. Massfollowing, masssliking, massluking, massskimming.

This method involves you or your assistant actively encouraging your target audience to friend, like, tweet, and comment on their posts. Many people, when they see that they are subscribed to them, subscribe back. If you are actively liking and commenting, you are showing up in the blogger’s feed, which means you are drawing attention to your page not only from the blogger, but also from everyone viewing the post.

I recommend that my students actively add their target audience as friends. For example, if you’re interested in entrepreneurs, you can track them in various communities, chats, VK groups, spar their profile IDs, then collect instagram accounts from their profiles and add them as friends.

Do not forget that when adding to friends, there are restrictions (if these limits are exceeded, you may be banned). If you do it every day, your audience will grow rapidly. For automation, I recommend service Instaplus. By the way, watch a video on how to use it:

3. bloggers.

They provide good traffic. From them comes mainly the target audience. The blogger writes a post, makes an active link to your account. This can be done through a post, storiz, broadcast. The tool works, but not cheap. I suggest starting with small bloggers (micro influencers). Practice, gain experience, “get a bump,” and as you develop, move on to more expensive bloggers.

4.Targeted Instagram ads.

An expensive tool, but attracts the highest quality target audience. It’s set up through a Facebook account and people subscribe to your account. Subscriber for today varies from $0.2, but he most often becomes your client, as he came on your request and is really interested in your services. I tell in detail about advertising at 2-month course Instagram. Profit.

5. Followers get.

Not the most environmentally friendly way, but it too should be mentioned. More often it can be applied with a large number of subscribers. Here it is also important to understand that the more subscribers you have, the more activity should be on the page: a lot of likes, comments.

If there are not enough likes and comments, the social network begins to show less and less and thus reduces the reach of users. Instagram filters are imposed.

Here are 5 ways to increase your subscriber base and you can use them depending on your goals.

  • What to do next.
  • Start adding 100 people to Instagram daily.
  • Take part in a guiwe. Find an organizer, read reviews, case studies.
  • Set up targeted Instagram ads for your target audience.

How to increase the number of followers on Instagram

Live followers in Instagram for free or for money can be obtained independently or by using special services. Regardless of the chosen method, it is necessary to follow a number of rules:

  • In a day on the account should not subscribe more than 1000 users;
  • The maximum number of likes per day – not more than 2000;
  • In one hour, the subscribers recruited may leave no more than 14 comments under the post.

Violation of these rules will lead to the fact that the administration of Instagram will take your account as spam and will block it. Convince the administration to the contrary is difficult, as a result, you can completely lose access to your page, to remain without earnings at all.

PR of Instagram, in addition to hashtags, from scratch is also possible with the help of special services:

Service for automated recruiting of likes, subscriptions and comments, you can get up to 6000 thousand live users every month. The peculiarity – setting up the process completely for yourself depending on the expected result and budget.

1 million likes. All possible ways of promoting an account are available to users, and all problems are quickly resolved through the support service. A relatively young service Captain Smm – where you can find cheap followers, views and likes for Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok and Telegram.

Insta Plus. Service for online promotion from a computer, tablet or smartphone. It is possible to connect several accounts at once. Subscriptions are performed evenly during the whole day.

What methods are available to add followers to Instagram for free

In addition to the above methods to add subscribers to the account is possible with:

  • Relevant posts that are interesting to users. Publish content of interest to potential subscribers at least once every two days. All photos and posts should be unique.
  • Mutual exchange of subscribers with similar accounts. Offer to exchange more promoted page – prepare to pay money for the service.
  • Have contests and sales on your page. Statistically, it’s posts with giveaways that attract the most subscribers to your page.

How to increase the number of live subscribers

Questions about how to increase the number of followers in Instagram should be asked carefully. In today’s web there are enough scammers and those who will want to profit from other people’s ignorance. The most reliable way to make your Instagram account popular and in demand is to promote it yourself.

How to get a million followers on Instagram?

Why do you need a million?

This is the main question to ask yourself before you start acting. Why?

Seventy percent of the account owners and projects I encounter want “quick success, quick money, and quick recognition. They want to get away as fast as they can, and then the flood will come! Only 1% of them are ready to answer the question “why”.

Imagine that you have a million subscribers:

Do you want to be popular?

Then what exactly does popularity mean to you, specifically, and what do you intend to do with it? No famous person has ever become one with only “being popular” as a goal.

Do you want money?

Then how much? And through what projects? For example, more than 30% of our students earn from half a million rubles and above, while having from 20 to 100 thousand subscribers. This is a fact!

My point is that you need a strategy and understanding – where and why you’re going, what your goals are. “And then in the morning she woke up famous” is a fairy tale. And the truth is, there were many mornings before that morning, while “Cinderella” plowed on for her success.

Are you in the mood for the long game? Not in the sense of long, tedious and inefficient, but in the sense of taking responsibility for what you do, personally, for an extended period of time?

If so, read on.

Do what makes you happy.

The secret to the popularity of famous people is that they spent a long, hard time doing what they really liked. Not for the myth of popularity, not to increase the number of subscribers, but because they were good at it and wanted to get better and better. In improving themselves, they became real stars, and that attracts and beckons a huge number of people.

Think about it and answer the questions: What are you good at? What do you really like? What would you like to improve in?

Decide who your target audience is.

This point is often neglected. It seems that what we offer can be of interest to everyone. And the longer you think so, the less chance you have to win exactly your audience

Who is all this for? Who are the people who read you? Do they need what you offer and what you represent?

Describe in detail the portrait of your target audience – age, interests, income, geography. In my courses I give an in-depth scheme of working with the target audience, because we literally have to know them in person. Thanks to this you will be able to build competent communication with the audience and attract more subscribers.

For example, the topic of personal brand is not so broad that millions are interested in it, on the simple grounds that the audience is special, they crave scale, development, more income and are ready to really work hard for it – and there are not so many people like that.

And let’s say a Weiner audience, especially if you’re talented, is capable of reaching several million. The basic instinct of following such a page is to get a quick “dose” of entertainment and mood. If you feel you have acting talent – go for it, you have a chance to nurture a large audience fairly quickly.

Create a personal brand.

If you track truly engaged popular accounts, you’ll notice that they are built on the principle of personal branding. What this is, let’s break it down.

Many people still mistakenly think that personal branding is their face in the account and stories about personal branding, which of course doesn’t get you into personal brand territory.

I suggest looking at it from this angle:

What do I need to see in your account to say, YES, you are on your way to a personal brand:

A personal brand is not about the personal and intimate. It’s not about turning your soul inside out or inviting everyone into your bed, unless, of course, you’re from the show “House 2”-then that’s your concept.

A personal brand is an image brought out in public, on stage, under the TV cameras. What’s out there on your stage? What will you show?

The personal brand is your message to the world. Who are you? What makes you different? Why should I remember you? On Instagram, this message is placed in the “About Me” box – in just 150 characters, you have to manage to present yourself in a bright, clear and understandable way. In 90% of the accounts that I analyze, the message is inarticulate – either they copied it from someone else, or they put slogans, clichés, and other stuff in it.

Conclusion: find out who you are and what you are about and tell the world.

It’s not enough to create a message, you have to validate it. What are you an expert at? What can you prove? It is not enough for me to hear you say that you are the best. Build such a communication and content scheme that I will believe in you. And this is a strategy. A unique style. The external image, the account visuals, communication style, texts. Are you one hundred and twenty-fifth, sending “rays of good” or can you put a strong word to it? Neither? Why? Are you aware of it? If not, you’re floundering in the gray sludge of Instagram.

Create a story that people will follow, like an interesting series. Build communication and dialogue with your audience in a way that makes them feel connected to your story, and maybe even a part of your show.

Don’t forget about promotion.

To make your account known to as many people as possible, you need to undertake a whole range of promotional activities. These can include reciprocal posts, blogger ads, activities like marathons and useful games, and ads in stories and targeting. You need to build an advertising campaign based on your goals and, of course, on your budget.

What are the costs to be guided by when planning the budget? On average it costs between 5 and 20 rubles to “drive” a subscriber, sometimes it costs 3-4 rubles if the campaign is well organized.

And I implore you, do not use “dead souls” – you need live, engaged subscribers who really support you, not bubbles.

Go beyond Instagram.

Instagram in recent years has turned into a separate planet where new stars and projects are born and millions of rubles are earned. It seems that there is life only there 🙂

How to make lots of followers on Instagram

Lots of subscribers on Instagram for free come, but not always. People are attracted to interesting content – something that is unique in its own way. Photos and videos that copy counterparts from other channels and accounts will only attract interest for a short time. And it’s not the best way to gain real live subscribers. Live subscribers appear and stay in your account contacts after you do some work. You need to create content, but you also need to promote it to the masses.

Whether you’re writing about barking gloves, small dogs or delicious food, you need to have a rough idea of your biggest audience. What groups of people will be interested in the content? What portion of them will stay with you long term (and for free)? Finding answers to these questions is what will lead you to get free Instagram followers. The first step to popularity will be to learn about how other users have succeeded before you have.

Put the following steps into your own plan of steps to reach a large number of followers:

  • Review a selection of content similar to yours from popular authors.
  • Study how photo filters work.
  • Research the most popular hashtags (keywords with a # sign) at the moment.
  • Find out which social networks you can link to your Instagram account.

The filters applied to photos determine, in part, their popularity. Users like to follow trends, and it will be helpful for you to know which filters were the most popular this month. The same goes for hashtags. Popular keywords are associated with strong competition, but there’s a chance to hit the screens of many potential followers through well-chosen hashtags. And don’t forget the ability to post photos and videos to instagram from your favorite Facebook or VK. The easier the posting process, the faster the subscriber base is gained.

How to increase the number of followers in Instagram

A big part of recruiting visitors is cross-posting – reciprocal links between posts on different social networks. When you post a photo to Instagram, you can immediately link to it on Twitter and Facebook. It’s free, plus it takes a few minutes of your time. Socializing is good for someone who is looking to gain a fan base. Interact with other users, like their photos and picks, and join discussions. Random commenters and visitors will see your name more often, and from here it’s not far from interest in your page, up to and including mutual friendship.

Remember that live followers on Instagram come either to popular people or to owners of popular content. Casual visitors readily subscribe to celebrity accounts, but they also show interest in steadily growing sets of quality content. Once you’ve taken the trouble to create photos of unusual dogs, keep updating this category of content on your page. Improve the quality of your photos, try to add new filters, find good plans and shots. This solves the question of how to gain subscribers on Instagram at the expense of your personal work.

Recruitment of live followers in Instagram for free

Nakrutka refers to the rapid increase in the number of followers by means of hidden tools and levers, bypassing the standard slow growth of interest. Active correspondence with competing content creators, as well as with random users in the comments of various photos is considered a popular way to gain followers. Attracting attention to your persona will also attract new visitors to your account. Whether they’ll sign up depends on the quality of your photos and how regularly they’re posted and updated. Appreciate the mutual followers.

The golden mean between faking it and expecting a natural set of followers is regular analysis of the activity of thousands of users of a given social network. It is useful to know the time of day when the number of views of fresh photos and additions to friends will be the greatest. For this period, you need to calculate the placement of new content. Regular adjustment to the “schedule” of the community will allow you to get a feel for how to gain followers on Instagram.

How to attract subscribers to Instagram – paid ways

There are examples of how to gain a lot of followers on Instagram without investing personal effort, but this is a method for last resort. You will have to use financial tools, and the result will depend on the integrity of the specialist with whom you cooperate. Be sure to read the reviews of other users about how much his service costs, how this specialist recruits an audience, and how effective the investment in his work is.

Video: how to get a lot of subscribers in Instagram

With the help of the presented videos you can get some useful tips from people directly involved in the active placement of content in Instagram, the recruitment of a large base of followers and participation in various photo contests. Tips for those who want to become an advanced author on Instagram are offered in an easy-to-understand form.

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