Recover Data from Unmounted Hard Drive on Mac/Windows PC

An unmounted hard drive means it will not be recognized by an operating system or show up on the PC. There are many causes for which a hard drive can be unmounted. You can’t use or see any of your data because of the unmounted hard drive. An unmounted hard drive is one of the common issues that you might face. But the main fact is how to recover data from it. In this article, we are suggesting to you how to recover data from unmounted hard drive on Mac/Windows to make your work easy and keep you tension free. If you are facing this problem and currently searching for a way then you should read this article.

Part 1: Reasons for Hard Drive Unmounted

There are many reasons for hard drives being unmounted. The reasons are given below –

  • If you don’t have a stable connection, your hard drive can be unmounted and the process of transferring data will be interrupted.
  • A faulty Thunderbolt or USB port can cause interruption while transferring data.
  • A compatibility conflict of software can make error on Hard Drive.
  • The malfunction of macOS can cause the hard drive unmounted.
  • External hard drives can have physical damage for this reason hard drives can suddenly present errors.

Part 2: How to Mount Unmounted Hard Drive on Mac and Windows PC

It’s not rocket science to mount an unmounted hard drive on Mac and Windows computers. For your easy understanding here are the steps for you below –

Steps to Mount Unmounted Hard Drive on Mac:

Step 1: Click on “Application” after opening a new Finder window and unlock “Utilities”.

Step 2: To launch the “Disk Utility”, locate and double click on it. From the left panel under the external section, locate the external hard drive. Mark the external hard drive as untitled when you will see it is greyed out. (Unmounted on Mac computer are meant as untitled.)

Step 3: After that, you have to choose the untitled external hard drive. Then from the Disk Utility bar, tap on “Mount”. Now reboot your Mac computer and try to reconnect the external hard drive. Make sure that you can access and make use of the existing data in your external hard drive again.

Steps to Mount Unmounted Hard Drive on Windows:

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to launch the “Start” option and then look for “Create and format hard disk partitions”. Click the top result and open the “Disk Management”.

Step 2: Now to select the “Change Drive Letter and Path” option, right-click the drive.

Step 3: Tap on the “Add” button.

Step 4: After that, you have to choose the “Assign the following drive letter” option.

Step 5: Choose one of the available letters from the drop-down menu. After doing all these steps, you will find it in the system to store data.

Part 3: How to Recover Data from Unmountable Hard Drive on Mac.

iBeesoft Mac Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery software for Mac. This software is trustworthy and professional to recover lost/deleted data on Mac. It allows you to recover 1000+ formats and retrieve data from 2000+ storage devices. You can recover all your data without any data by using this program and recovering with this app is so easy and fast. You can also repair corrupted pictures, JPG, PNG, and videos in MP4. It allows you to recover all time deleted files from the empty trash on your Mac.

Steps to Recover Data from Unmounted Hard Drive on Mac:

Step 1: First you have to download and install iBeesoft software on your Mac. After you are done, open it and click on the “Start” button.

Step 2: Choose the unmounted hard drive from the next window and tap on the “Scan” option.

Step 3: Now you have to wait until the scanning process finishes. To preview, choose files from the scanning result window.

Step 4: To restore the data on your Mac, choose needed files and click on “Recover”.

You can also try iBeesoft Data Recovery for Windows PC to recover data from unmounted hard drive on PC. The software share the similar data recovery technology, features, as well as process of data recovery.

If your hard drive is unmounted, then you cannot see or make use of any of your data. An unmounted hard drive freezes all your data. It is a common issue that you might face while using a computer. No need to be tensed, if you face this once in lifetime. In this article, we are suggesting to you how to recover data from unmounted hard drive. If you follow this article briefly, you will be able to recover your data. Among all the ways, we would like to recommend you to use the iBeesoft Data Recovery software to recover your Mac data. It is one of the most trustworthy and professional software that will allow you to recover your data from unmounted hard drive on Mac. We highly hope that you will use this program and love it.

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