Remington Young Obituary What Happened To Remington Young?

The untimely passing of Remington Hope Young on May 22, 2022, has left a void in the hearts of those who knew her. Remington (known to her friends and family simply as Remi) was an inspiration of enthusiasm, ambition and generosity who lived her journey full of incredible achievements as she unwaveringly stood up for others in need. Her journey may have been short in duration but was unmatched in commitment.

Who Was Remington Hope Young?

Remi’s life story began in Maize, KS, where she was born into a loving family. From a tender age, her passion for gymnastics and cheerleading was evident. She dedicated thirteen years to honing her skills at the Cheer Eclipse All-Star Cheer and Tumbling Academy in Wichita, KS, where she emerged as a standout talent. Remington’s life was a testament to her dedication, passion, and the joy she found in her pursuits.

How Did Remi Excel in Her Early Life?

Throughout her time at Maize High School, where she graduated in 2019, Remi’s excellence was not limited to cheerleading. She earned academic letters for two consecutive years and was a proud member of the National Honor Society. These accomplishments reflected her hard work, intelligence, and the high standards she set for herself.

What Were Remi’s Dreams and Aspirations?

One of Remington’s greatest dreams was to cheer as a Kansas Jayhawk, a dream she realized in 2020 upon entering the University of Kansas as a Biology major. Her aspiration to help others was evident in her career goal of becoming a physician’s assistant, with a specific interest in pediatrics. This choice of career highlighted her compassionate nature and her desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

How Did Remi Contribute to Her Community?

Apart from her academic and athletic pursuits, Remi was a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness. Her bright and positive demeanor made her a source of light and encouragement in her community. She also found great fulfillment in caring for the elderly as a certified nursing assistant, showcasing her empathy and dedication to service.

What Were Remi’s Personal Interests and Family Life Like?

Remington cherished her time with family and friends. She was deeply connected to her Cheer Eclipse family, her KU family, and her KU Cheer team. Her love for the beach, hunting with her dad, Randy, and long trips with her mom, Amy, were some of the joys of her life. These moments reflected the strong bond she shared with her family and the simple pleasures that brought her happiness.

Who Preceded Remi in Death?

Remington was preceded in death by her grandparents, Marcia Ulberg, Richard Brown, Randy Young, Mark Ulberg; and great-grandparents, Wayne and Millie Ulberg, Jean Crafton, John and Florence Samson, and Vivian Ramsey. Their passing before her reflects the cycle of life and the legacy of love and values they passed on to Remi.

Who Survives Remington Hope Young?

Remi’s legacy lives on through her parents, Amy and Randy Young (Cassie), her siblings Easton, Ali, Ashley, and Amber, and her grandparents Cheryl Ulberg and Debbie Renner (Tom).Mickie Blair and other extended family members remained by her side throughout her life; each played an essential part in shaping who she became as an individual.

How Can We Honor Remi’s Memory?

In memory of Remington Hope Young, contributions can be made to StopSuicideICT. This gesture not only honors Remi’s life and her advocacy for mental health but also helps continue the important work of preventing suicide and supporting those in need.

Remi’s life, although tragically cut short, was full of purpose, passion and an unyielding determination to make an impactful contribution in her community. Her achievements in cheerleading, academic achievement and helping others speak volumes about who she was as an individual – her impactful contributions speak for themselves! When remembering Remi we are reminded to pursue our own passions with dedication towards others while cherishing every precious moment spent with loved ones – her short yet impactful life was an inspiring testament of love’s enduring impactful presence upon this world stage!

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