Renting server space or creating your own dedicated server

Any system administrator sooner or later faces a choice between VPS and VDS. Both of these servers work great and offer space to host fairly large custom projects. But it is worth noting that there are still differences here.

If you are planning to launch a server and do not know which format is better to stop at, you should familiarize yourself with all the details. You can always find an affordable dedicated server hosting for your purposes.

What projects can be hosted on servers

It is necessary at the very beginning to identify the characteristics essential for the server.

Virtual hosting is ideal for a small website. Large space will be needed if:

  • The website is developing very quickly, and there are many more visits than the established limits. Because of this, the project can be blocked or slowed down. 
  • The website is initially created as a reasonably influential service. It can be a game server, a corporate website, or a trading network platform.
  • Developers initially plan to place large amounts of information. (documents, videos, or photos) Then, an extensive storage server will be needed for such a project.
  • Users will work with the necessary applications.
  • If you have already determined that the project requires a server, you should proceed to the next step.

Virtual server features

VPS (virtual server) is a piece of space on a physical server.


  • Ability to change the operating system
  • Setting individual configurations
  • Configuring security and setting backup options
  • As a result, the webmaster gets everything they want. The result will satisfy all your needs.

But there are several disadvantages here:

  • The tenant will not be able to access the file system.
  • The virtual server is completely dependent on neighbors.
  • Physical resource limits individual opportunities if neighbors exceed their authority.

Most often, the limitations are related to the amount of RAM used. VPS can always be the solution to the problem. This option always guarantees stability but can cost significantly more.

VPS is cheaper than similar physical arrays. Here, less money is spent on the purchase and maintenance of equipment. The expansion of space is carried out with the help of additional amounts of RAM.

Storage dedicated server features

A dedicated server is a physical device that one client uses. Only the physical car is for rent.

Renting such a service is much more profitable than creating your own.


Complete control of the server operation, as well as access to all resources

Protection system management

By agreement with the provider, it is possible to change the size and complexity of web projects.


Renting physical servers is more expensive

Sometimes it is not possible to add more RAM

Requires system administrator skills.

Colocation or server on the territory of the provider

A particular type of service is the placement of personal equipment and its maintenance on the operator’s premises. Specialists will provide uninterrupted power supply, as well as communications and climate control. But there will be an additional charge for this.

It isn’t straightforward to choose between a virtual and a dedicated server.

If we talk about the price, then a virtual server has all the advantages. It will always be much more profitable.

But a dedicated server is much more convenient both in terms of functionality and security.

Everyone should independently understand all the issues of storage hosting.

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