Return Of 8th Class The Magician Basic Information of Return of 8th Class the Magician

Let’s take a look the return to Eighth Class and the Magician the anime-based novel that is centered around the time line of the both the past and the present.

Are you interested in reading the intriguing tale of an anime-based novel? Are you curious to learn what happens when a person travels to the past to experience the life of a boy in the early years? This is the content today that explains the specifics of the similar.

Worldwide Reading a book and watching TV shows is among the top activities of the people. Furthermore, an engaging plot is able to keep us interested for a long time.

Let’s look at the return of 8th Class, the Magician . As a novel that is ongoing, it has a new chapter every few months and that’s why people are interested to know about the story, its details about the genre, and more.

The background of the novel

The main character in this story’s main character will be Ian Page. The story revolves around the cycles of past and the present. The first person to get through the 7th and 6th classes and become a powerful wizard in the 8th grade. By his actions and his magic, he helped make his continent united.

As the time passes and the tale of the return from 8th class and the Magician continues as he ages, he would like to live his life peacefully and attempt to heal the blood he shed during the conflicts. He decided to live his entire life in the town of his mother’s death.

However, his former friend would betray him because he was so powerful. At the end it was his turn to kill him by using poison. The most interesting thing was that with the last breath, he triggered time magic, which allowed him to return to the past when he was a little child. With his full experience, he decided to make his childhood more enjoyable and with less regrets.

Basic Information of Return of 8th Class the Magician

  • Genres Genre Action, Fantasy, and tragedy
  • Status in process
  • Ratings – 4.7 out of 5
  • Author – Ryu Song
  • Artist – Tes
  • Type – Manhwa

Description of Ian Page

  • Vitality status – still alive
  • Gender – Male
  • Age Current age is 42. When the second phase of his life starts, he will be an infant boy aged 12
  • Hair colour – light brown
  • Eye color Eye colour Blue
  • Spouse – Hailey Greenriver
  • Profession : He was an archmage of the 9th class
  • Mansion – Ian’s residence

What is the character characteristics that characterize Ian Page?

The storyof Return of the 8th Class and the Magician , depends on him, which is why it’s important to know his character and appearance.

He’s a gorgeous man with long hair. He dresses in the dark blue of a outfit that is perfectly matched to the colour of his eyes. His regrets in life was the fact that he did not manage to look after his mother during the previous time, but it has motivated him to grow stronger and protect his loved ones.

The years he lived through as a child were filled with wonder through his participation and research in the battles for the continent.

For more information on the persona, we suggest taking a look at the summary of the tale in chapters 1 or the second chapter..

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