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Review Of Big Mouth Season 4: The Anxiety Mosquito Bites On Netflix

Netflix’s cartoon comedy with the most sex references per minute is back. Welcome to a new course, meet a new friend: anxiety.

The sitcoms usually have an expiration date very determined and begin to waver after two or three seasons, but Big Mouth of Netflix is getting to keep your Kaffir (yet clever) level episode after episode. Season 4 Big Mouth starts where we left the third, with Nick and Andrew faced by the kiss Missy.

Now, both must live together in a summer camp, but Andrew is willing to humiliate him in front of everyone out of spite. Meanwhile, Jessi has to continue dealing with depression and wild menstruation that will make her face a terrifying enemy: tampons. For her part, Missi delves into her black roots and Jay embarks on a crazy relationship with Lola.

All these changes in their lives serve to introduce new monsters in the minds of the protagonists, with Tito the Mosquito of Anxiety as the main addition. This mosquito will harass several of them as their social relationships become complicated, taking over from the Wizard of Shame from season 2.

It will not be the only allegorical and surreal moment that we will find in the series, from compresses capable of absorbing lakes to a great scene with Jay turned into Godzilla as a metaphor for the importance of communication when masturbating someone.

And it is that season 4 of Big Mouth seems to have found the perfect balance between being brute noses ( Andrew’s moment of wild constipation is to laugh out loud) and at the same time serve as a catharsis to laugh at traumas for which more than one would have passed or to know problems of others that perhaps we had not noticed. Have you ever stopped to think how terrifying it must be for a girl to put on her first tampon or for a gay to come out of the closet in front of their conservative parents?

The smart thing about this Netflix comedy is that it presents everything from humor, without taking anything excessively seriously and sprinkling the most eschatological parts (pun intended) with very geeky references, ranging from paying tribute to series like Russian Doll (with cameo included ) until breaking the fourth wall and referring to the change of voice actress for Missi.

In this last aspect, perhaps, there is a small drawback for the average Spanish public: a good part of the jokes are designed for the North American public, so seeing that a penis has a New Jersey accent or that a character does ” code-switching “For different types of jargon it will not impact equally well. It is as if we are trying to explain to someone from North Dakota the difference in accents between a Galician and an Andalusian …

Still, the pace is so fast and good that we skip all of it to meet more and more characters. With so many, not all are represented in the same depth ( Duke Ellington or Nick’s parents have lost a lot of weight, for example), but the main ones and other newcomers like Milk (a weirdo from the manual) are hideous and, at the same time, Instead, they serve to laugh at ourselves.

Of course, the Monsters of the Ladies continue to have a central role and, although Maurice is still very funny, you can see that each time they want to give more weight to a Connie played by Maya Rudolph (a veteran of Saturday Night Live ), who won an Emmy for lending his voice to this character in 2020.

Eye, once again, to the musical numbers, which start from the same summary of the previous season, explained based on rhymes and a lot of rhythms.

Of course, there will be more than one who will find Big Mouth season 4 just plain tacky. Of course, it wants to provoke and even disgust something at times, but in most cases, it is hyperbole that shows us that, no matter how low it falls, everything can be left. In all its savagery and madness, it has a background that is as comforting as a good pillow … A pillow to put the head, THE HEAD.

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