Right Approach to Produce Corporate Training Videos

Corporate training videos are precious assets to your training process. They are much more effective than the text-based training approach and provide a reasonable and uniform instruction to classroom-based learning. Remote work made video-based training more relevant than ever.

What are corporate training videos?

Businesses produce training videos to teach employees and communicate about new products or procedures, and policies along with compliance, health and safety, career and skills development, etc. The video-based training method is also very helpful for HR-related applications, such as new employee onboarding.

Video provides several advantages over other types of corporate training that authorize it a protruding place in any corporate training strategy. Corporate training videos allow asynchronous learning, meaning students aren’t inadequate by place and time. This makes training effortlessly ascendable and accessible. Video also has huge pedagogical value, boosting learning and development in several methods.

Corporate Training Videos – 5 Best Types

Whiteboard and animation

Whiteboard explainers became the most frequently used form of corporate training ai video editor in the past few years, and for good reason. Several design and production businesses create whiteboard explainer videos for customers. Including simple designs along with animations, whiteboard explainers are simple and cheap to produce.

They are usually well-received by employees, too. Whiteboard and animated explainer videos are ideal for commencing new processes, products, or services.


Live-action explainer videos feature real people, situations, as well as stories/narratives. It is the most admired form of training video format for the past twenty to thirty years, bringing happiness to some and exasperation to others, with bad acting as well as a patronizing tone. The live-action format has aged well in the past few years, and companies are putting in quite some production value to bring their staff training videos that are as amusing as they are actual.

Stock video-based training video

A reasonable substitute for live-action explainer videos is to use stock footage for your training video. Instead of investing time as well as resources into directing actors along with a film crew, you simply purchase stock footage that fits your story. It is frequently utilized for reasonable price as well as convenience but lacks the engagement that other corporate training videos offer.

Talking head videos

These types of corporate training videos feature professionals giving advice and guidance on the camera. It is particularly relevant when the person in front of the camera has explicit importance to the viewer, like a senior leader in the business, an authority figure on the subject at hand, or perhaps even a celebrity. The audience connects expressively with the speaker, offering the message of the video a huge impact. Talking head videos are a huge format when you want to appeal to the viewer’s feelings.

Screencast videos

Screencast corporate training videos illustrate the instructor’s computer screen as they demonstrate the topic at hand. Screencasts form a huge method to teach new software applications. If you have ever looked for a YouTube tutorial on Adobe or else Microsoft applications, the possibilities are you landed on a screencast.

How to create a corporate training video?

We have listed some valid tips to get you geared towards corporate training videos. These are:

  • Finalize the KPIs of your video
  • Choose the right type of video
  • Develop a script
  • Choose a good desktop or online video editor
  • Increase the use of characters in your video to elicit empathy and connection
  • Make it professional
  • Add captions
  • Brand it
  • Attach it with a broader training strategy
  • Analyze the performance of your video
  • Choose an appropriate platform to host the video 

How to make your corporate training videos successful?

  • Catch employee’s attention with a surprising cameo in the training video
  • Set a funny or catchy tune in your staff’s mind
  • Approach from an unexpected and creative vantage point
  • Take your training subject literally for comic effect
  • Make your video interactive

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