What is a promo code discount?

Online shopping is a huge assortment of goods from all over the world. It is convenient and profitable. Without leaving home, you can buy a phone, a jacket or, for example, a table, and save money.

This is not only about the fact that online prices are often lower than offline ones, and trading platforms constantly arrange all kinds of sales. When you purchase in an online store, you probably notice a field for entering a promotional code. If you fill it out, you can get a good discount.

What are promotional codes, and where to get them? We will tell you in this article.

What is a promo code?

A promo code has letters and numbers, a “secret code” of an online store, using which you can get a discount on a particular product.

Also, sometimes promotional codes are used to get some bonus or gift, such as free shipping.

Anyone who has one can use the promo code. The main thing is to be on time, because the effect of promotional codes, as a rule, is limited in time.

What promotional codes are

1. The discount: as a percentage of the cost of the product (minus 10% of the price tag) or for a specific amount (minus 300 rubles).

2. For delivery: Enter a promo code and do not pay for delivery.

3. For a gift: We bought a laptop, and you will receive a bag for it as a presentation from the store using a promotional code.

A promo code can be one-time (one customer – one purchase) or multiple (and you buy yourself at a discount and share your cherished password with a friend).

There are promo codes that work “on condition.” For example, when buying for a certain amount, you can use a promo code and get a discount (when buying for 5,000 rubles, a 10% discount on a promo code).

Also, sometimes promotional codes apply only to certain groups of goods: discounts on electronics or, say, children’s clothing.

What is the difference between coupons and promocodes?

Promotional codes are often confused with coupons. Indeed, both give the right to a discount. But there are two significant differences:

· Coupons typically provide discounts on offline products and services.

· Coupons often cost money and are bought by subscription on online stores, while promotional codes are free.

Where to get promotional codes

Promotional codes have a way to attract new customers to online stores, increase their loyalty, and increase sales. Therefore, you can usually find promotional codes in-store mailing lists. But if you subscribe to the advertising mailings of all shopping sites, then the mailbox will burst with letters. Also, promotional codes are sometimes posted on the websites of store partners. If you come across such information, consider yourself lucky.

An alternative and much more convenient option are discount aggregators.

A promo code aggregator is a website that collects discount data from dozens of online stores.

Below is a list of aggregators that will help you find promotional codes for online shopping. You will need to check on the GreenPromoCode.Com.

Browser apps and extensions

For the convenience of users, many aggregators release mobile applications. For example, the popular service Retail.

Searching the app store, you can easily find others.

To automatically receive information about the promotional codes of the stores you use, you can also install a special browser extension.

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