Rocky Franchise Set to Expand With Amazon Planning Various Projects

The Rocky franchise has been going for decades, with the Creed pictures continuing the story that began with Sylvester Stallone’s first outing as the underdog boxer in 1976. There have been 10 pictures in total across the Rocky and Creed series, but there haven’t been any television outings yet.

This could be set to change soon, though, as it has been reported that Amazon Prime is planning a range of television spinoffs. The franchise is set to get bigger and better than ever before.

Rocky Has Already Expanded Into Slots

The online slots market is one of the best ways for franchises to expand in the modern age, and Rocky already has a head start in this regard. In fact, the Mega Fire Blaze: Rocky game is one of the top rated Paddy Power online slots. It features imagery from the pictures and instantly evokes feelings of nostalgia among older players.

The game can also serve to introduce younger generations to the Rocky franchise and inspire them to check out the films. This could prime audiences for the potential television series that are reportedly in the works on Amazon. It’s a formula that’s worked well for other franchises in the past, with some of the most successful series of recent times also having their own related slot games.

Series Has Been in the Works for Some Time

According to reports, Stallone has been in the process of creating a Rocky prequel television series since 2019. The legendary actor and director realized that the rise of streaming was hard to ignore and knew that it was a prime opportunity to create some content for this medium.

Stallone started working on the script in 2021, with the idea being that the prequel series would take place in the 1960s. Amazon has the rights to make offerings in the Rocky franchise, and there appear to be grand plans in place to expand it in a variety of ways.

The Senior Vice President of the company, Mike Hopkins, claimed that the Rocky franchise is a prime option to reimagine. He stated that there were countless directions that the franchise could go in and believes it will be a major draw for the service.

Amazon is Ramping up its Blockbuster Content

It’s clear that Amazon is waging war on the other streaming services with some of its latest projects. Rocky is a huge IP, and one that could act as a major draw for the platform. There are also plans to create a new Tomb Raider shared universe that spans television series, games, and movies.

The service already has several other high budget shows that are attracting viewers. The Rings of Power is one of its flagship offerings, along with The Boys and Fallout. All this blockbuster content could give Amazon the edge in the streaming wars.

The Rocky franchise could be huge for Amazon, as its notoriety will attract a massive audience of old and new fans. It will be interesting to see the different directions the various series could go in.  

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