Top Five Betting Sites With Valuable Bonuses in the US

Sports betting is booming in the United States and the growth of the industry has been really impressive. With no fewer than 30 states already allowing betting companies to operate within their jurisdiction.

Of course, the states of play would have been different if the Supreme Court had ruled differently on the controversial subject of online betting. However, in what’s seen as a major win for the states, the Apex court ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) be abolished.

The ruling gave states the power to legislate over sports betting within their territories.

States like New Jersey and Maryland immediately opened their doors for betting companies, and wagering on sports began to grow vigorously.

Some other states like Colorado, and Iowa joined the party a little later, and they are experiencing a steady growth of the industry in their respective domains as well.

Despite the differences in the lead that regulate the activities of betting companies and sportsbooks in the different states, there has been a common trend of growth across the United States.

Today, there are no less than twenty betting companies operating legally in the United States as a whole. Although, the presence of these companies in different states is dependent on a number of different factors.

To establish the thriving nature of the industry, one has to look at what the industry is taking in. In the five years following the Supreme Court ruling on PASPA, bettors in America have wagered over $200.

That’s a staggering amount of money in a country where sports betting has not been in place for at least a decade.

Given the size and popularity of bettors’ betting patterns, it’s easy to understand why so many betting companies exist already – with even more continuing their entry into this business.

DraftKings, FanDuel and Caesars are not the only American sportsbooks offering sports betting platforms within the US market; sportsbooks from overseas have also penetrated.

For example, UK brands like Bet365, Unibet, and Betfred are present in the United States with operations in a few states.

Additionally, there are a couple of Australian brands like PointsBet and ClutchBet.

The emergence of these foreign brands in the American betting industry underpins the fact that there is so much potential for revenue in the market, and it is safe to say that it is a goldmine.

With a plethora of betting companies, how do players choose a Sportsbook to sign up with? Or what informs their decision to wager on betting sites?

Many factors like betting options, betting features, betting bonuses, payout,  and competitive odds all play a part.

Our editors have examined all the sports betting platforms against the factors, with emphasis on betting bonuses, and here is a list of the top ten betting companies in the United States.


Caesars along with DraftKings have been very active in America before what is now known as the sports betting industry in America today.

Still, Caesar’s Sportsbook is held in high esteem by industry experts and players alike. The reasons for this are not far-fetched. They have a great betting platform with a variety of features.

Even more importantly, they have a nice betting bonus for new players. There is up to $1,250 in bonus bets on the table, and that is by far the highest betting bonus offer in America today.


FanDuel is one of the top brands in the online betting industry in the United States. They offer players a variety of betting features including parlays, Boosts, competitive odds, and a nice bonus as an incentive for new players.

Although a $150 sign up bonus seems a little low, it is right around the average offer in the American market.

To claim this offer, players only have to place a wager with a minimum of $5.

As soon as the bet is settled, players get their bonus. The certainty that comes with getting the bonus makes it a top choice.

There are offers like FanDuel Profit Boost, Refer A Friend and many more for existing players.


Australian brand ClutchBet is making waves in states where they have active operations in the United States, and this is not coming as a surprise given the value of their betting bonus for new players.

Players who sign up on ClutchBet can claim up to $1,000 in bonus bets.

The bonus is structured in a way that players can continue to claim a bonus once a week for the first weeks of betting on their platform.

The bonus is spread across five weeks, and for each week, there is up to  $200 available to players.

When summed up, it amounts to $1,000 in bonus bets. With this offer, you won’t have to wonder why the Clutchbet bonus is one of the most valuable betting bonuses in the US.


BetMGM is another top brand in the market and it offers up to $1,000 in new customer bonuses. The amount on offer is joint second with the ClutchBet offer.

With a bonus offer of up to $1,000 in bonus bets as a sign up bonus, it is not hard to understand why BetMGM is on this list.


DraftKings is one of the largest sportsbooks in American online betting history. Even before PASPA was struck down by the Supreme Court, this sportsbook had made waves for itself and continues to receive high marks after adopting sports gambling as part of their service offering.

Daily Fantasy Gaming earned them great renown and continues to enjoy it today when discussing sportsbooks that provide valuable bonuses.

New customers can get up to $150 in bonus with their Bet $5 Get $150 offer.

After a player sign up and places a qualifying bet with a $5 wager, the player will be credited with the bonus instantly.

The guarantee of getting the bonus whether the bet is won or not plus the amount on offer makes it very valuable.

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