Role of technology in coping up with COVID-19

Year 2020 has been truly shocking to the entire globe. While people wondered what this new virus is and the threat that it may potentially have, no one expected or even guessed what was coming for everyone.

This new virus quickly spread across the globe and soon was declared a global pandemic. This was the first global pandemic after the plague which caused millions of deaths, and which is still remembered as the black death. People who remember or have studied about the black death, knows how much of a nightmare it was. 

To avoid exactly what happened then, people needed to be prepared and aware this time. Authorities immediately came into action and imposed compulsory face masks in public which slowly was added with imposed lockdown and curfew that forbid gathering of people. All these helped a lot in avoiding the spread of diseases but caused many problems too, biggest of them being financial crisis. Everyone, may it be on the company level or individual level, the economic crisis was visible everywhere. Everyone was unable to leave the house both due to pandemic and the government order. This in turn closed colleges, offices which caused a lot of issue. Thanks to internet and electronic devices though, most of these tasks resumed online. 

Technology and pandemic

Technology had helped everyone survive the pandemic. Without a doubt, we are all severely dependent on it. Not like we were not yesterday, but we all became ten times more dependent as almost everything was only possible online. Businesses like groceries and all which were heavily offline oriented also started resuming online where they used to take orders on WhatsApp or calls and deliver it at people’s doorstep. In such cases, online apps played a vital role in survival of small businesses. People got many online orders, and this is how they survived. In such cases, people who were not too well off faced an issue of typing in Hindi font and reding it. If you are in such a position where the customers find it difficult to understand English font or if you know someone who does not feel comfortable using English font then do suggest them Hindi keyboard app or Bangla keyboard app.

Education and keyboards

We all are aware of and most probably have been or seen students using online apps and software to learn various things online. For regional language typing and writing, people were confused about various apps for keyboards. One of the best performances was shown by Bharat keyboards. Typing in reginal languages is also good for your brain’s logical development as bilingual thinking is promoted.

Apps like zoom, WhatsApp, google meet etc showed a rapid increase in users. People started using these apps for multiple purposes like lectures, meetings etc. we all have seen pandemic and online world and hence know the importance of such apps. We should in fact promote such online classes so that people can feel more connected with each other and learn anything and everything. 

Gaps and breaks

Leaning is a process and hence is highly affected if left in between or if faced with any gaps or breaks. This was very important to avoid. We all need to learn and keep learning to avoid going steps behind of where we left. This was almost impossible without risking lives or without having the solid motivation and sources to keep learning regardless of anything if not for the technology. We are grateful to it for letting us survive while minimal movement was possible. Sadly, in case of plagues in the 90s, even if they were aware of the dangers and also the prevention methods were clear, they would still lack the leisure to learn from home or carry out tasks with minimal movement. 


Everyone was caught at home and couldn’t afford to get thousands of things that they wished for or craved for. Thanks to the TV shows and the online entertainment industries including OTT platforms, YouTube, social media platforms etc, we all were kept entertained to a larger extent through these. We were still able to see our loved ones through online video calls, voice calls, social media platforms etc. we were also able to meet new people through dating apps or social medias. Everyone used these technologies during the pandemic and hence we were able to cope with the COVID-19 virus. 

Many people even started taking up online courses to learn skills they always wanted to but either never got the opportunity or time to learn it or were simply shy or procrastinating due to the travel issues. 

People learned, new recipes and tried them out, saw new web series, discovered new entertainment platforms and much more. 

The times of the pandemic were every hard for most people, they lost their loved ones, money, job and freedom to move. Yet, we were all motivated and hence had made from it. Now that the unlock has started. People are still aware and of the importance of technologies and are still grateful to it. People will now always remember the importance of self-hygiene, immunity, vaccine, masks but also won’t take their lives and freedom for granted. People have learnt that technology is vital part of today’s world, and we cannot live without it. And if we use it carefully, responsibly, and smartly then it can do wonders that we can’t even imagine. 

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