3 Important Questions To Answer Before Going For A Cosmetic Surgery

Looks matter. Maybe not for the world, but for ourselves. Looks play a huge role in our lives. Good looks go a long way in improving self-esteem; they give us the confidence to put ourselves out there & achieve what we want.

And in pursuit of improving looks, humans have come a long way. Today, with services like cosmetic & plastic surgeries easily available, changing your looks has become a walk in the park.

With a plethora of treatments & many Doctors to choose from, people often get confused. Questions like these arise often:

Why do I need cosmetic surgery?

Which treatment should I go for?

How much should I invest in cosmetic surgery?

Am I a good candidate for cosmetic surgeries?

There’s a lot to consider while going for a cosmetic surgery, and with all these questions, it can get overwhelming. In this article, we intend to help you make the right decision by addressing the 3 important questions every cosmetic surgery candidate has.

Why Cosmetic Surgery?

Before going for something as crucial as changing your looks, it is paramount to have a strong purpose. A good cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly examine you, understand your needs & help you choose the right treatment based on where you want to take your life after getting a cosmetic surgery. The answer to the “WHY” is different for every person.

Cosmetic surgeries aren’t all about looks, though. A few cosmetic surgeries out there also have functional benefits. For eg., Rhinoplasty AKA Nose Jobs don’t just change the shape of your nose, but they also improve the way a person breathes!

How much should I invest in cosmetic surgery?

There are several factors to consider here. A few questions that you need to ask here:

1.      How reputed is the Doctor I’m working with?

2.      Is this a luxury expense for me? Or is enhancing my looks a priority?

3.      In what way is this surgery going to impact the rest of my life?

The pricing of a cosmetic surgery procedure is very subjective. It depends on factors like how experienced the Doctor is, what kind of clientele they have worked with in the past, your budget, and of course – what treatment you want to go for.

A fair bit of research on your part before you speak to your trusted cosmetic surgeons would go a long way to help you decide if the investment is worth it.

Am I a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

As long as you’re healthy & you have reasonable expectations, you are a good candidate for any cosmetic surgery. If you smoke or drink, you may not be a good candidate for a few of them; although it’s wise to speak to your Doctor who may ask you to quit smoking or drinking a few weeks before the procedure begins, depending on what treatment you are going for.

A detailed discussion with your surgeon would go a long way in determining if you are a good candidate. Make sure you tell your Doctor everything you take, including vitamins & supplements that don’t require prescriptions, so that they don’t interfere with other medications used during the surgery.


In this article, we answered 3 important questions that will help you take a wise decision when it comes to cosmetic surgeries.

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